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Animal Crossing : New Leaf - 3DS
Name of the file: Animal Crossing : New Leaf - 3DS - Author: ANO - [3DS]

More Than One Reading From Katrina
If you're desperate to get your 20 readings done, there's a way to do it, but it requires patience. Make sure you have your character visit and get their fortune read. Make sure you do this before she closes, and then just stay in the tent until after midnight in the game. Once the game recognizes it's the next day, Katrina will act like this is your first reading. As long as you stay in the tent, you can get another fortune without her leaving.

Get at least 10,000 bells in about 30 minutes!
First, unlock the tropical island. Then you go there at about 11 p.m. Then you catch as many BEATLES as you can. But chase away non-expensive bugs like fruit beatles ( you can only have 5 bugs on your island at a time ). Hope this helped!

Items Duplication Glitch

WARNING: Beware or your item can be lost forever.

To duplicate items, you've to connect to Internet and go in your friend's city. Then drop the item you wish to duplicate. Once the item is on the ground, your friend must end multiplayer session. During the game save, there's a circle, when it has done 1 round, you've to turn off the Wireless switcher on your 3DS.
When you return in your city, you'll have the item you dropped. Then go in your friend's city again, you'll find the item you dropped on the ground. Pick up it and you'll have 2 same items.
The Glitch works with money too.

Top Tip for Making Extra MONEY ;)

When you’re working for Brewster, make sure you a cafe guide on Google to get all your orders perfect for each customer. If you get the superb coffee beans, don’t sell them to Reese for the measly 2000 bells just yet.

Instead, offer them in the flea market to make quite a lot of money. You can either take the safe route and sell them for 6000 bells; all villagers will buy it for that much. Or you can sell them for 8000 bells! There is about a 50% chance the villager will say it is too expensive.

Cliff Diving
If you want to perform a cliff dive straight from your town into the ocean you first need to find a section of the cliff that doesn't have any beach area beneath it. Position your character near the edge, equip the Wet Suit and press the A button to jump off the cliff and land in the water below.

View Town's History
Sit on the ledge next to your mayor planted tree after it has grown for a month and wait. After several seconds credits will begin showing your town history.

Extra Item Space
If your inventory is full you can store items inside letters. This is helpful as it means you do not have to return to get whatever you missed. Doing this will also give you 10 extra item spaces which you can always use to sell your bug/fish load from the island.

Nookling Store Upgrades
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Nookling Store upgrade.

Super T&T:
Spent 25,000 bells at T&T Mart which must have been open for 10 days. Also, the Gardening Store must have been open for 10 days.

T&T Emporium:
Spent 100,000 bells at T.I.Y and completed 4 Gracie Fashion Checks at Satisfactory level, and T.I.Y must have been open for 30 days.

T&T Mart:
Spent 12,000 bells in Nookling Junction 10 days after your town is open. Also, you must have moved out of a tent.

Spent 50,000 bells at Super T&T which must have been open for 21 days.

Fortune Cookie Prizes

If you purchase a Fortune Cookie from any of the Timmy and Tommy-owned stores you can trade it in for a Lucky Ticket to win the corresponding prize.

1-Up Mushroom:
Fortune Cookie #24

? Block:
Fortune Cookie #25

Fortune Cookie #36

Bad Bro's Stache:
Fortune Cookie #44

Big Bro's Mustache:
Fortune Cookie #45

Bill Blaster:
Fortune Cookie #28

Fortune Cookie #17

Block Floor:
Fortune Cookie #02

Blue Falcon:
Fortune Cookie #34

Blue Pikmin:
Fortune Cookie #14

Fortune Cookie #18

Fi Mask:
Fortune Cookie #50

Fire Bar:
Fortune Cookie #27

Fire Flower:
Fortune Cookie #20

Goal Pole:
Fortune Cookie #19

Green Shell:
Fortune Cookie #22

Hero's Boots:
Fortune Cookie #49

Hero's Cap:
Fortune Cookie #08

Hero's Clothes:
Fortune Cookie #03

Hero's Pants:
Fortune Cookie #05

Fortune Cookie #32

Majora's Mask:
Fortune Cookie #09

Master Sword:
Fortune Cookie #35

Fortune Cookie #47

Midna's Mask:
Fortune Cookie #11

Mushroom Mural:
Fortune Cookie #01

Peach's Parasol:
Fortune Cookie #07

Fortune Cookie #33

Fortune Cookie #26

Random Item:
Fortune Cookie #38

Random Item:
Fortune Cookie #04

Random Item:
Fortune Cookie #06

Random Item:
Fortune Cookie #30

Random Item:
Fortune Cookie #16

Red Pikmin:
Fortune Cookie #13

S.S. Dolphin:
Fortune Cookie #39

Samus Mask:
Fortune Cookie #10

Super Mushroom:
Fortune Cookie #21

Super Star:
Fortune Cookie #23

Toad Hat:
Fortune Cookie #12

Fortune Cookie #37

Triple Bananas:
Fortune Cookie #48

Triple Red Shells:
Fortune Cookie #31

Varia Suit:
Fortune Cookie #46

Varia Suit Pants:
Fortune Cookie #42

Varia Suit Shoes:
Fortune Cookie #43

Virtual Boy:
Fortune Cookie #40

Wii Balance Board:
Fortune Cookie #41

Yellow Pikmin:
Fortune Cookie #15

Yoshi's Egg:
Fortune Cookie #29

Swap Club LOL Gyroids
To swap one of the Gyroids with one from your inventory enter Club LOL in the morning or afternoon before the show begins and walk onto the stage (there will be no barrirers) and press A. Doing this may also change the back beat to some of KK's songs.

You can get various minerals each day by breaking the extra rock that appears in your town with a shovel. The minerals can then be taken to Cyrus when he wakes up to either be sold or used to make your funiture appear different.

When you are outside your town a balloon will appear either side of it when the last digit of the current time is '4'.

No Bees (Train Station)
If you open your train gate to visitors at the train station before shaking trees for money or furniture the beehives will not appear all the time the train gate is open.

No Bees
If you press 'Start' when bees appear and then select the 'Save and Continue' option you will notice that that when the game resumes the hive is still on the ground the bees have disapeared.

Gold Furniture
If you take 3 gold gems to Cyrus you will get a random piece from the gold furniture set.

Easy Bells
In each of the towns there is a rock that can be broken once a day by hitting it repeatedly with a shovel or axe that will give you 16,000 bells. If you use the silver shovel to break the rock there is a possiblility that you you will get gems instead of bells.

Dispose of Rotten Fruit for Free
Rather than paying to dispose of rotten fruit at Re-Tail, you can also plant the fruit which will then grow into a sapling. You can dig up and remove the sapling at no cost, thus removing the rotten fruit in the same process.

Money and gem rock
Evrey day theres a rock that includes bells and another rock that has a gem in it. First you need a shovel from the nooklings shop then look for rock that include money or gems and for the gems to make furniture get three golden nuggets and tell cyrus to make the furniture an you can sell them for like 2,000 to i'd say 10,000 bells

The Best Way To Make Money
In ACNL most people think selling assessed fossils is the best way to get bells. Actually Selling Goliath Beetles,Cyclomatus Stags,Horned Hercules (ect.) But it in your town it has to be 7:00pm-12:00am.

Easy Bell Earning
Shake all of your fruit trees. You will be able to pick the fruit up and then sell them at re-tail for 100 bells each. Since fruit grows very very quickly all you have to do is keep repeating this process and you will be rich in no time. Also if you buy something like a bed for example and let's say it's 1,500 bells, you can easily just go to re-tail and put it up for the flea-market for more than 1,500!! NOTE THAT PEOPLE WON'T BUY IT UNLESS it's WITHIN 500 BELLS RANGE OF it's NORMAL PRICE!! For example if something is worth 1,000 bells you can sell it for 1,500 or less but if it is more than 1,500 people won't buy it.

Secret Photo Filters
To apply a special filter when you are having your TPC photo taken in the photo booth hold down either shoulder button.

L Button:
Black and white photo.

R Button:
Sepia tone photo.

Skip Kapp'n's Song
You can save a lot of time while traveling to or from the Tropical Resort by repeatedly tapping the B button while Kapp'n is singing. When you do this Kapp'n will suddenly stop singing and say a few things before dropping you off.

An Easy (And Also Dangerous) Way To Earn Bells

1. Look around your town and shake trees WITHOUT fruit on them.
2. Every once in a while, bells will drop out of the trees.
3. Keep shaking trees until you hear something drop out of a tree that is not a bell.
4. Look at the opposite side of the tree that is not the side you are standing on. Something that looks like a honeycomb has landed on the ground.
5. Some sort of Black Spots will buzz around the honeycomb. The music should change, and the black spots will begin to chase you.
6. RUN!!! Hide inside a house or building until the black spots (those are really wasps) stop chasing you. If you do happen to get caught (AND STUNG!) follow the next steps. If you are not caught, pick up the honeycomb and sell it at Re-Tail.
7: The wasps will sting you, and you will be covered in stings. Grab the honeycomb.
8. Save and Exit the game, then go back to your save file.
9. Your wasp sting will be gone, and you can go sell the honeycomb at Re-Tail.
Hope this helps. ;)

How to get your expanded house without waiting a day

When you go to Nook's Homes and ask Tom Nook if you can expand your house, he'll tell you how much your loan will be, then he will tell you that your house expansion will be completed by the next day. After you do this, save and quit the game. Wait until the title name pops up and when it says press A (If you immediately press A, Isabelle will tell you that you didn't save and you'll lose the expansion deal). Select continue, then your file. When Isabelle asks you if you want to get started, select "I need help first..." then select change time. Change the date 1 day ahead of today and put what time it is right now. After that, begin playing, go back into your home after you exit. You'll see that your house expanded! Save and quit again. Do the same process but change the date back to todays date and set the time to the current time. Start the game, go back into the house and you'll see that nothing has changed! If you do not want to pay your loan, do not go to Nook's Homes, but no renovations will be made. Enjoy your expanded home!

How to stop Kapp'n from singing
When your on the boat heading to the island, you can repeatedly press B to stop Kapp'n from singing his songs and get to the Island faster. This can work from and to the Island.

Skip Kappns songs.
Press A + B or tap the touch screen and Kappn will say about you being a bit rude but this does not effect you in any way. Then you will instantly be at the island.

Free unlimited flowers.
When doing a tour that does not require items you can pick up flowers and you will keep them at the end of the tour. That's it
You can put up to 40 in the box.

Lots of medals.
For me the fasted way of getting medals is the elite scavenger hunt. A gold tortimor award gives you 16 medals!
How to play : Pick a scavenger hunt tour. All of them are pretty much the same. No pitfalls in any of them.
Tortimor will talk and talk , then when he says go , go to your inventory and look at the checklist. It shows you the items you need. Go in the houses and take what the item you need. There may be none of the items in some houses. You have about 4 minutes to get gold. Go back to tortimor once you get all the items.

If you get an item that you don't know about like a bonsai then pick up all the plants. Then either drop the ones not on your list and keep the one you remember or use the checklist to see if it is there. Then you know what it is and can put the other items back.
If you pick up items you don't need it is faster to drop them on the ground. Just make sure you keep the items you need.
When playing with friends all of you must finish. Make sure to help others when you are done. If not everyone finishes no one gets medals.

Special Tree Patterns
When you chop down a tree there is a chance there will be a special pattern on it. If you leave it , it provides as decoration and mushrooms will grow around it.
There are two different sets of these special designs. One for fruit trees and plain trees. And one for the pointed top trees.
Faq : How do I get a special design?
A : It is random. Or you can get a silver axe which has a 100% chance of getting a rare design.
The silver axe appears on the island for 8 medals.

HHA Prizes
Get the following scores to earn the corresponding prize.

HHA Tee:
Get a score of 10,000

HHA Pennant:
Get a score of 20,000

Arched Golden Door:
Get a score 700,000

Silver HHA Plaque:
Get a score of 30,000

Silver HHA Trophy:
Get a score of 90,000

Gold HHA Plaque:
Get a score of 70,000

Gold HHA Trophy:
Get a score 100,000

Gold House Model:
Get a score 150,000

Golden Exterior:
Get a score 500,000

Golden Fence:
Get a score 900,000

Golden Mailbox:
Get a score 1,100,000

Golden Roof:
Get a score 300,000

Easy Bug and Fish Catching
Use the following trick when you are hunting in an area for a certain type of catch like sharks or palm tree bugs and you are having difficulty finding them. If you press 'Start' and choose to 'Save' but continue playing you will reset the bug and fish spawns.

ATM Savings Rewards
When you have saved the following amounts of Bells in the ATM the corresponding gift will be mailed to you. The ATM is located in the post office.

Achieve a balance of 100,000,000 Bells.

Aluminum Briefcase:
Achieve a balance of 5,000,000 Bells.

Box of Tissues:
Achieve a balance of 100,000 Bells.

Letter Set:
Achieve a balance of 500,000 Bells.

Mailman's Hat:
Achieve a balance of 50,000,000 Bells.

Piggy Bank:
Achieve a balance of 1,000,000 Bells.

Post-Office Poster:
Achieve a balance of 10,000,000 Bells.

Achieve a balance of 20,000,000 Bells.

Unlock Silver & Golden Tools
The following tools can be unlocked by completing the corresponding task.

Silver Axe:
Purchase from the island shop for 8 medals.

Silver Fishing Rod:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 fish.

Silver Net:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 30 bugs.

Silver Shovel:
Purchase from the museum's second floor extension after donating at least 15 fossils.

Silver Slingshot:
Shoot down the present with 2 silver balloons attached to it.

Silver Watering Can:
Talk to Lazy the sloth after purchasing at least 50 flower seeds from the gardening shop.

Golden Axe:
Talk to Lazy the sloth after purchasing at least 50 tree saplings from the gardening shop.

Golden Fishing Rod:
Talk to the fishing tournament host after catching every fish in the game.

Golden Net:
Talk to the bug catching tournament host after catching every bug in the game.

Golden Shovel:
Talk to Lazy the sloth after purchasing at least 50 fertilizers from the gardening shop.

Golden Slingshot:
Shoot down the present with 3 gold balloons attached to it.

Golden Watering Can:
Talk to Shizu after maintaining 15 days of perfect environmental conditions.

Magic Rocks
As with previous Animal Crossing games there is a rock situated in each town that when hit with an axe or shovel will give you money. It will only do this once a day but if you hit it enough it is possible to get up to 8,000 bells.

Growing money
You need a shovel and at least 80,000 bells dig a hole and bury the cash water it and don't stuble over it every 10,000 put under ground is 10 out of 100 present the tree will grow money

Hammer Time!
On the island, sometimes an eekhammer will be on sale. You can hit objects and hit villagers. You can't cut down trees or hit fake rocks with it though. So have fun hitting all your villagers you hate.

Secret Songs.
There are 4 secret songs in the game that you have to request. However one of them is only played to you in the week of your birthday.
Dream of Nap
Animal Island
Your Birthday

Unlock New Public Works Projects Faster.
After the ceremony of a new public work being built, talk to all your villagers. There is a greater chance that they will request a new public work if you talk to them after the ceremony.

Make More Bells.
Whenever you go to sell something, always sell at Re-Tail. The Nook stores offer less for items you sell. For example you want to sell your native fruit, an apple. These are the prices you would get.

Nook stores - 80 bells.
Re-Tail - 100 bells.

The Nook stores offer 20% less than what Re-Tail offer. So always sell at Re-Tail.

Mushrooms All Year Round.
Have you ever wanted mushrooms from November back? Well, sometimes when you cut a tree down, there will be a symbol on the stump. Don't dig the stump up. Leave it for a few days and mushrooms will start growing around it!

Stop Villagers From Moving In To A Certain Area.
If you have a spot in your town reserved for something special, but don't want villagers moving there, put some custom design boards in the area. Villagers can't move their houses where public works are so if you do that, it will be clear of any houses.

How To Get Your Villagers Pictures.
To get your villagers pictures, you need to become best friends with them. To become best friends with another villager, you need to talk to them a lot, do favours for them, go to their house sometimes, invite them over to your house sometimes and never hit them with a net or a eekhammer.

The second way you can get your villagers pictures is when it's April Fools on ACNL, if you pick the fake copy of the animal, the real one will give you their picture. You can get all of your villagers pictures if you pick every fake one correct.

How To Unlock The Gardening Shop.
To unlock the Gardening Shop, you need to either:

Plant 30 trees.
Water 30 flowers.
Plant 30 flowers.
Pick 30 weeds.

The Gardening Shop is owned by a sloth Lief. If you have over 50 weeds in your town, he will close the shop temporarily.

The Secret Of The Silver Shovel.
You may know about a daily fake rock in your town that breaks into a gem. Well there is a secret way to get up to 9 gems in one day! When you go to find the money rock, hold a silver shovel. Every day, there is a chance that when you hit the money rock with a silver shovel, gems will come out instead of money. You can get a maximum of 8 gems from it along with your daily gem rock, giving you 9 gems.

How To Find Rare Wetsuits.
To find the 9 rare wetsuits, you will need to buy them off the island. It is VERY rare to find one on sale so if you see one, be sure to buy it. They don't do anything special, but there are some great designs including a stripy red and white wetsuit.

Switching The Gyroids On-Stage In Club lol.
To switch the gyroids that are on stage in club lol, during the day, go into the club and go on the stage. Make sure you have some gyroids in your pockets. Press A in front of one of the gyroids and it will ask whether you want to switch gyroids.

How To Unlock Happy Home Showcase.
To unlock the streetpass house area, Happy Home Showcase, you need to pay off your first house loan for 10,000 bells. Then, talk to Tom Nook and get him to explain how to use the ATM. Then, Isabelle's younger brother, Digby will be outside the arch in Main Street.

Flea Market In Re-Tail.
In Re-Tail you can put things up for sale at whatever price you wish. This is like the flea market from past games. This is a good way to get more bells for any item. It may take time for someone to buy your item but when someone does, you've made some extra bells easily.

How To Work Part Time At The Cafe.
To be able to work part time at Brewsters cafe, you need to purchase 8 cups of coffee. (includes take-out coffee) It doesn't cost anything to work there. When you're working, 3 of your villagers and 1 special person eg Phyllis or Tom Nook will come in and ask for coffee. They will give you 1 hint to what they want. The rest is your choice. Brewster will give you a certain type of coffee beans depending on how many orders you got correct. These are the types of coffee beans and how much they sell for.

Normal coffee beans- 500 bells.
Good coffee beans- 1,000 bells.
Very good coffee beans- 2,000 bells.

Occasionally he will give you an item as well.

How To Unlock Take-Out Coffee.
To be able to order take-out coffee from Brewsters cafe, you need to order 4 normal cups of coffee from him. Take-out coffee costs 200 bells and you can have 5 sips from it before it vanishes.

How To Get The Four Manikins.

Manikin 1 - Become friends with Mable.

Manikin 2 - Become friends with Sable.

Manikin 3 - Become friends with Labelle.

Manikin 4 - Buy your first item on the 3rd floor of T&T Europium.

How To Unlock The QR Code Machine.
To unlock the QR machine inside The Able Sisters, you need to become friends with Sable. To do this, you need to talk to her everyday. Eventually she will become friends with you and put the QR machine inside the shop.

How To Unlock The Cafe.
To unlock the cafe you need to do these things.

You need to donate 50 things (bugs, fish/sea creatures, fossils and art) to the museum.

The museum 2nd floor must've been open for 7 days.

How To Wake Up Cyrus.

To get Cyrus to wake up you need to do the following.

You must sell 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese.

You must have 100 things in your catalog.

It must be 7 days since you started your ACNL file.

How To Unlock The Island.
To be able to travel to the island, you need to have payed off your second home loan for 39,800 bells. The next day, Tortimer will be at the jetty. Talk to him and the next day, you will be able to go to the island.

How To Get Katrina To Move To Main Street.
To get Katrina to move her shop into Main Street, you need to get your fortune told by her, 20 times. Her shop will then be available on the public works list.

How To Unlock T&T Europium.
To unlock the final expansion of Timmy & Tommys store, these are the things that you need to do.

You need to spend 100,000 bells at T.I.Y.

Must be 30 days since T.I.Y was built.

You need to pass Gracie Graces fashion check 4 times.

How To Unlock T.I.Y.
To unlock the 4th expansion to Timmy & Tommys store, T.I.Y, these are the things you need to do.

You need to spend 50,000 bells at Super T&T.

It must be 21 days since Super T&T was built.

How To Unlock The Museums 2nd Floor.
To unlock the museum 2nd floor, you need to donate at least one thing in every category (bugs, fish/sea creatures, fossils, art) and 20 things altogether. Silver tools, museum exclusive wallpaper and carpet and glass cases are sold on the 2nd floor and there are display rooms on sale for 10,000 bells each. It then appears on the public works list.

How To Unlock Shampoodle.
To unlock the salon, Shampoodle, you need to spend 10,000 bells at The Able Sisters or Kicks. It also has to be 10 days after Kicks was built.

How To Unlock Club lol.
To unlock the club, Club lol, you need to have T&T Mart or a higher shop upgrade and you need to have 100 points. The next day Dr Shrunk will be outside your house and will ask you to get 6 signatures. Get the signatures and go to Main Street. Dr Shrunk will be there so give your signatures to him. Club lol will be built in about a week.

How To Unlock The Dream Suite.
To unlock the Dream Suite, if you ever see Isabelle asleep in the Town Hall go talk to her. After you've talked, go to the public work selection screen. A secret public work ( the Dream Suite ) will be in the list. A tapir called Luna runs it.

How To Unlock Kicks.
To unlock the shoe shop Kicks, you need to spend 8,000 bells at The Able Sisters. Construction for Kicks will commence a few days after.

Free Fruit & Flowers.
If you want more fruit and more flowers, in the island minigames just collect fruit and flowers and once you're back on the island, check your pockets. You will have all those flowers and fruit!

How To Unlock All Gold Tools.

Gold shovel- Buy 50 packs of fertiliser from T&T Europium.

Gold fishing rod- Once you catch every type of fish, talk to Chip at the next Fishing Tournament. He will give it to you.

Gold net- Once you catch every type of bug, talk to Nate at the next Bug-Off. He will give it to you.

Gold watering can- Once you have a perfect town rating for 15 consecutive days, talk to Isabelle in the town hall. Ask about the town rating and she will give it to you.

Gold axe- Buy 50 tree saplings at the Gardening Shop.

Gold slingshot- Once you shoot down 16 balloons, it will be floating with 3 gold balloons.

How To Unlock All Silver Tools.
Silver shovel- Once you donate 15 fossils to the Museum, it will randomly be on sale on the Museum's 2nd floor for 500 bells.

Silver fishing rod- Once you donate 30 fish or sea creatures to the Museum, it will randomly be on sale on the Museum's 2nd floor for 500 bells.

Silver net- Once you donate 30 bugs to the Museum, it will randomly be on sale on the Museum's 2nd floor for 500 bells.

Silver watering can- Buy 50 flower seeds.

Silver axe- It will randomly be on sale at the island for 8 medals.

Silver slingshot- Once you shoot down 16 presents, it will be floating in the sky by 2 silver balloons.

How To Unlock Super T&T.
To unlock the 3rd expansion of Timmy & Tommy's store, these are the things you need to do.

You need to spend 25,000 bells at T&T Mart.

You need to build a public work.

You need to wait 10 days after building the public work.

How To Unlock T&T Mart.
To unlock the 2nd expansion of Timmy & Tommy's store, these are the things you need to do.

You must have a house, not a tent.

You need to spend 12,000 bells or purchase 15 items at Nookling Junction.

10 days have to have passed since getting the game.

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