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Angry Birds Trilogy [3DS] - 3DS

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Angry Birds Trilogy [3DS] - 3DS

Name of the file: Angry Birds Trilogy [3DS] - Author: ANO - [3DS]

Angry Birds Trilogy Achievements

Meet these conditions to unlock achievements.

Aviator for the Seasons - Seasons Eagled.
Boom Boom! - Unlock the Bomb Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Completely Classic - Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Classic levels.
Flawless Plumage - Classic Eagled.
Free as a Bird - Send all seven birds on migration.
Mother of all Bombs - Unlock the White Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Return to Sender - Unlock the Green Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Rio Round Up - Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Rio levels.
Rio? Naviated! - Rio Eagled.
Seeing Red - Unlock the White Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Serving Up Seasons - Get 3 stars on all Angry Birds Seasons levels.
Speed is the Essence - Unlock the Yellow Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Split It! - Unlock the Blue Bird and destroy menu barriers.
Top Talont - Get all other achievements.
Winging IT - Create a migration tune.

Angry Birds Seasons Achievements

Meet these conditions whilst playing Angry Birds Seasons to unlock achievements.

Bird Slinger - Shoot 5,000 birds.
Bunny Hopper - Smash 300 bunnies.
Bunny Hunter - Pop 300 piggy bunnies.
Chocolate Lover - Smash 300 boxes of chocolate.
Cloud Buster - Bust 1,500 clouds.
Feather Gatherer - Earn 120 feathers.
Leprechaun's Secret - Smash 300 pots of gold.
Oops a Daisy - Smash 300 flowers.
Pennywise - Hit 300 piles of money.
Picnoc Pooper - Smash 300 picnic items.
Pig Popper - Defeat 1,000 pigs.
Pumpkin Smasher - Smash 300 pumpkins.
Snowplower - Smash 1,500 snow blocks.
The Grinch - Smash 1,000 presents.
Unwrapper - Smash 300 presents.

Angry Birds Rio Achievements

Meet these conditions whilst playing Angry Birds Rio to unlock achievements.

Apple Appreciation - Collect every single apple.
Avian Librator - Break 700 cages.
Banana Fanatic - Collect every single banana.
Birds of the Feather - Unlock Blu and Jewel.
Crate HAter - Break 200 crates.
Feather Gatherer Rio - Collect 120 feathers.
Flower Power - Destroy 100 flowers.
Fruit Salad - Collect one of every variety of fruit.
Gifted - Have no blocks hit five consecutive times.
Lights Out - Hit and break ten lamps.
Marmoset Terrorizer - Hit 500 marmosets.
Melon Mania - Collect every single melon.
Papaya Perfection - Collect every single papaya.
Pineapple Purist - Collect every single pineapple.
Sharp Shooter - Win a level by using just one bird.

Angry Birds Classic Achievements

Meet these conditions whilst playing Angry Birds Classic to unlock achievements.

Backward Compatibility - Shoot 10 birds left of the slingshot and off-screen.
Bird Slinger - Shoot 5,000 birds.
Bull's Eye - Directly hit a pig with a bird from above.
Egg Cracker - Get 10 Golden Egg stars.
Egg Hunter - Find 10 Golden Eggs.
Feather Collector - Earn 100 feathers.
Feather Gatherer - Earn 200 feathers.
Feather Picker - Earn 50 feathers.
Hard as a Rock - Smash all stalactites.
Kepicker - Smash 5,000 ice blocks.
Space Invader - Shoot the Yellow Bird way up high, into space.
Stonecutter - Smash 5,000 stone blocks.
Ultimate Bejeweler - Smash 5,000 jewels and gems.
Wilheim Tell - Hit a flying bird with another bird.
Woodpecker - Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.

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