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Cheat Codes (case sensitive):
-unlocklevels Unlock all Levels for only the CURRENTLY
unlocked Stages of Adventure Mode for your
selected Profile
(basically, this *SHOULD* make individual
levels selectable on the game Map, instead of
only Stages being selectable. However, there
is either a game bug that prevents it from
working correctly, or the developer disabled
its effect.)

-unlockstages Unlock all 100 Levels of Single Mode & all 22
Stages of Adventure Mode

-unlocklevels -unlockstages Unlock all 100 Levels of Single Mode & all 22
Stages of Adventure Mode & (and should unlock
all 100 Levels of Adventure Mode, but it does
not as explained above in -unlocklevels)

■ Installation ■

1. Start the game using a code as the command line parameter (argument).
Don't know what a parameter means huh? Search on the web.


a) Running in a DOS box within the game dir:
"Luxor Mahjong.exe" -unlocklevels -unlockstages

b) Make a Winblows shortcut to LuxorAmun.exe which is in your game dir.
add to the end of the target box: -unlocklevels -unlockstages
like: "X:\....\Luxor Mahjong.exe" -unlocklevels -unlockstages

NOTE: Different publishers may use different filenames for the main game
executable. So, use common sense and alter the information above with
whatever your EXE filename is!

2. Use any Profile or create a new one.

3. About the "-unlocklevels" Cheat:

When enabled, you will hear a click noise when trying to select a Level on
the game map. When disabled (default), you do not hear any noise when
clicking on a level. So, the cheat code "works" and actually tries to
unlock the levels, but it it doesn't really work that way you expect it to.

This is explained incase a future version of the game does allow the cheat
code to work as expected.

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