Trainers City - Scramble [Xbox 360] - [XBOX360]

Name of the file: Scramble [Xbox 360] - Author: ANO - [XBOX360]

Unlock Bombing Run
Destroy 30 enemies without using your forward shooting weapon.

Unlock Complete Base Level
Successfully destroy the enemy base.

Unlock Complete Level 1
Complete Level 1.

Unlock Complete Level 2
Complete Level 2.

Unlock Complete Level 3
Complete Level 3.

Unlock Complete Level 4
Complete Level 4.

Unlock Complete Level 5
Complete Level 5.

Unlock Co-op Brilliance
Obtain a score of 30,000 or more while playing an Xbox Live co-op game.

Unlock It's a Mystery
Destroy 3 or more mystery objects.

Unlock Perfection
Complete the entire game without losing any lives.

Unlock Refueling
Destroy 10 or more fuel containers on Level 1.

Unlock Sharp Shooter
Destroy 30 enemies without once dropping a bomb.

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