Trainers City - Ninpu Sentai Harikenger - [PSX]

Name of the file: Ninpu Sentai Harikenger - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Final Extra Character
Beat the 1P Battle mode (not story mode) once to unlock it.

Unlock 1P Battle Mode
Defeat about 50 opponents in Survival Mode to unlock it.

Unlock all characters for Battle Mode
Beat the story mode and special mode once to unlock all characters in Battle Mode.

Unlock Gao Red
Beat the mission where you team up with Gao red to unlock him.

Unlock Shooting Mode
Beat the special mode once to unlock it.

Unlock Special Mode
Beat the game once to unlock Special Mode.

Unlock Survival mode
Beat the Shooting mode once to unlock it.

Unlock the last character
Beat the 1P Battle Mode once.

Unlock The Master
Defeat at least 10 thugs in One Hit KO Survival Mode.

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