Trainers City - Tap Tap Revenge 2 [iPhone] - [IPHONE]

Name of the file: Tap Tap Revenge 2 [iPhone] - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievements.
300: Play 300 games.
Baker's Dozen: Play on 13 consecutive days.
Black Jack: Play on 21 consecutive days.
Boiling Point: Play 100 Live games.
Buddy Buddy: Play 10 two player games.
Century: Play 100 games.
Contender: Complete 10 tracks the whole way through.
Hat-Trick: Play on 3 consecutive days.
High Five: Completed 5 tracks the whole way through.
Hundred K: Scored over 100,000 points.
Lucky Number: Play on 7 consecutive days.
Millennium: Play 1,000 two player games.
Most Wanted: Play 10 Live games.
Playing with Fire: Play 1,000 games.
Polaroid: Played 25 songs with Shakes on.
Still Tappin': Played 25 songs with Shakes off.
The Regular: Play 1,000 Live games.
The Rookie: Completed a track the whole way through.
You Have Friends: Play 100 two player games.

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