Trainers City - NBA Hoopz - [PSX]

Name of the file: NBA Hoopz - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Unlock Street court:
At the loading screen press Square, Square, Square, X, X, Left. This will give you the street court for that game.

Various Cheats
At the Versus screen, press Turbo, Shoot, and Pass the number of times indicated below to change the icons on the bottom of the screen:

Code Effect
Infinite turbo 3-1-2 Up
Beach court 0-2-3 Left
Street court 3-2-0 Left
Home uniform 0-1-4 Right
Away uniform 0-2-4 Right
ABA ball 1-1-1 Right
Granny shots 1-2-1 Left
Show shot % 0-1-1 Down
Show hotspot 1-1-0 Down
No goaltending 4-4-4 Left
No fouls [Note] 2-2-2 Right
No hotspots [Note] 3-0-1 Up
Big heads 3-0-0 Right
Tiny heads 3-3-0 Left
Tiny players 5-4-3 Left

Note: Two player agreement required.

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