Trainers City - MX SuperFly - [PSX]

Name of the file: MX SuperFly - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Sal the Alien:
Go to Fox Creek, jump through the fence, across the canyon, and into the ghost town. Pull up next to the church and bunny hop into the graveyard (hold Clutch, Rev Motor, Preload suspension, hold Back, release Clutch and Preload when the suspension is loaded to the max). From the grave yard, jump to the lower roof platform covering the doorway to the first shop. Continue jumping from roof to roof until you get to the end. From there, jump to the back of the building's roofs that you were just on. The last ramp will take you up to a rock land bridge (very difficult to land). Jump from the land bridge down to a ledge leading to an open mine shaft. Follow this passage into the military base and down to Sal's spaceship. Finally run past the ship to a room where Sal is being held in suspended animation. This will unlock Sal the Alien as a playable rider.

Easy height in Step Up event:
Contrary to what the CPU will do, you do not need to jump over the bar at all. You just need to reach its height level. To do this, rather than trying to jump over the bar and risk knocking it off, jump using the other two sides of the ramp and just air up next to it. You will know when you have reached the required height when you see your score appear at the top of the screen. All you have to do now is stick the landing.

Easy money:
Go to any tutorial and complete it. Return to the tutorial menu and select any tutorial. Immediately before you begin, press Start and quit. You will get more money. Do this as many times as desired.

Custom Bee Motorcycle
Complete the ''World's Highest Jump'' challenge.

Custom Cow Motorcycle
Complete the ''Brave The Vertical Drop'' challenge.

New Barriers for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Dramatic Entrance'' challenge.

New Movable Objects for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Impossible Stoppie'' challenge.

New Ramps for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Impossible Wheelie'' challenge.

New Station Z Arena and Floating Platforms for the Track Editor
Complete the ''Cross Training'' challenge.

Special Fire Motorcycle
Complete the ''Dominate 250cc Pro Freestyle Season'' challenge.

Special Tiger Motorcycle
Complete the ''Dominate 125cc Pro Freestyle Season'' challenge.

Unlock Balloon Toss Mini-Game
Complete the ''Safety First'' challenge.

Unlock Cameron Steele
Complete the ''World's Longest Jump'' challenge.

Unlock Elrod the Viking
Complete the ''Lift Tower Challenge'' challenge.

Unlock Sal the Alien
Complete the ''Find Out The Truth'' challenge.

Unlock Superfly
Complete the ''Crane's Eye View'' challenge.

Unlock Wheelball Mini-Game
Complete the ''Mega Stunt'' challenge.

Unlock 250cc Freestyle
At the main menu, enter up, L1+up, square, L1+right, L2+down, L1+left.

Unlock All Bikes
At the main menu, enter L2+square, L1+right, L2+circle, L1+left, square.

Unlock All Riders
At the main menu, enter right, L1+right, down, L1+left, right, square.

Unlock All Tracks
On the main menu, enter triangle, right, R1+L1, square+circle, L2+circle, square.

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