Trainers City - Motor Mayhem - [PSX]

Name of the file: Motor Mayhem - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Play as Buzzsaw
Win the Eliminator, Deathmatch, and Endurance titles with the same character on the hard or very hard difficulty setting to unlock Buzzsaw

Unlock City Canal Quick Battle/2 Player Arena
Complete the Deathmatch stage on normal difficulty to unlock this stage

Unlock Downtown Quick Battle/2 Player Arena
Win the Eliminator matches on normal difficulty to unlock this round
code title code
(M) Must Be On EC86C30C1456E60A
99 Kills 3CFE72A81456E788
All Courses 1C8D38D81355E6A6 1C8D38F41355E6A6 4C8D38DC1456E6A6 4C8D38F81456E6A6
Enable Buzzsaw 4C8D38DA1456E7A6
Enable Cheat Menu 4C8D38C61456E6A5 1C8D38CC1355E6A6 4C8D38CE1456E7A6 4C8D38BA1456E7A6

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