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Secret Characters in Arcade Mode
To play as Char:
Delete all letters in name and press enter, Char's name will appear.

To Play as Ortega:
Press Default in the name entering screen and Ortega's name will appear.

To Play as Slegger:
Delete all Letters in the name and press enter, Sleggar will appear.

To play as Sayla:
Press Default in name entering screen and Sayla will appear.

Secret pilot names
For Char Aznable enter "Kyasubaru" and you will be able to play as Char Aznable.

For Sayla Mass enter "Aruteishia" and you will be able to play as Sayla Mass.

NOTE: you have to type the names in katakana

Unlock "Extra" Mode
Complete both the Federation and Zeon campaigns. Either have Autosave enabled, or save the game from the ''Game Options'' menu. After that is done, select ''Campaign Mode'' from the main menu. In addition to ''New'' and ''Load'', there will be an optioned titled ''Extra''. You can play either campaign in extra mode; the missions are tougher and you begin with all Mobile Suits available. However, if you are destroyed, the MS you were using is gone for good.

Unlock enemy MS's in Vs. Mode
When all 13 stages in arcade mode are beaten by using either the Federation or the Principality of Zeon, the opposing side's MS's become available for use in Vs. Mode.

Unlock Ramba Ral in Arcade Mode
Chose to play as Zeon and enter your name RAMBA in all caps.

Unlocking MS in Vs. and Arcade Mode
Mobile Armors:
To unlock any of the zeon mobile armors all you have to do is defeat them in Arcade Mode while using the opposite team. You need to make the kill though, not your partner.

Zeon Mobile Suits for the Federation and Vice Versa:
To unlock zeon suits for the Federation beat arcade mode with the federation and vice versa.

The characters will then be playable in Vs. and Arcade Mode.

Secret Characters in Arcade Mode
Put all names in caps

Secret Characters:
1.) AMURO (federation)

2.) KAI (federation)

3. HAYATO (federation)

4.) RYU (federation)

5.) GARMA (zeon)

6.) DOZLE (zeon)

7.) LALAH (zeon)

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