Trainers City - 50 Cent : Bulletproof - [XBOX]

Name of the file: 50 Cent : Bulletproof - Author: ANO - [XBOX]

Enter ny'sfinestyo as a code.

My Buddy video
Enter sayhellotomylittlefriend as a code.

Recommended guns
Good guns to take on any mission are the AK-47,MAC,GAT,9mm, M4,silenced pistol, and Bulldog.

Saving money
Save your money. If you do, it will pay off for you in later missions when all the better weapons are available. Money is also needed to get better special moves (where popcorn is in the theater) and the meds from doc when needed. You
should buy all ten painkiller bottles.

So Seductive song
Enter killa1 as a code.

Stronger weapons
Enter the hub is broken as a code.

Action 26
Enter orangejuice as a code.

Always perfect shot
Enter #1stunna as a code. All your shots will be in slow motion straight to the head.

When you are low on health and have no armor, when you take out an enemy out, steal from them by pressing Square by the body. Most of the time they will drop some used armor for you.

Counter kills
Even if you have unlocked most or all of the counter kills, you cannot use the good ones in tight places. You can only use those in open areas that have a lot of space. Do not waste your counter kill in a tight place unless you have too.

During the early missions when fighting the DEA, you cannot take the large DEA agents as hostages. You can only counter kill.

Empty n' Clips counter kill
Enter workout as a code.

Extra money
Grab your opponent and interrogate him until he drops a credit card or his wallet. Then, execute him and choose to steal. He will either give you a credit card or wallet, depending on what you got the first time. Normally when you kill an enemy and steal from them, you will only get either a wallet or a credit card, and never both.

Use a close range head shot to get $5,000 or more in credit cards or money, jewelry, and armor depending whether you need it or not.

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