Trainers City - Megaman 8 - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Megaman 8 - Auteur : MIK - [PSX]

Extra Life
At the Clown Man's level kick a mega ball into the clown's mouth for an extra life.

Weakness of Bosses
Here are the weakness of the bosses:
Tengu Man weakness Ice Wave
Frost Man weakness Flash Bomb/Flame Sword
Clown Man weakness Tornado Hold
Grenade Man weakness Thunder Claw
Astro Man weakness Homing Sniper
Sword Man weakness Water Balloon
Search Man weakness Flame Sword
Aqua Man weakness Astro Crush
Evil Penguin weakness Mega Ball
Spaceship weakness Astro Crush
Bass weakness Tornado Hold
Slime Monster weakness Thunder Claw
Dr Wily 1st form weakness Flash Bomb/Astro Crush
Dr Wily 2nd form weakness Flash Bomb

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