Trainers City - Deathrow - [XBOX]

Name of the file: Deathrow - Author: ANO - [XBOX]

Various Cheats:
Name player 4's controller one of the following (case-sensitive)

ALL150 - Get all teams & players

SouthEnd - Get Everything (case sensitive)

NO FEAR - Get Extreme difficulty

CONFUSED - Get Multidisk

MOREROOM - Get all arenas

NOFOV - Narrow field of view

NOSYNC - Faster frame rate

NOHUD - No Hud

Multidisk Hint:
When you have 3 disks on the field at once it is a Multidisk

Easy Credits:
Use single match/extreme difficulty and choose 2 teams. Play till the 4th period and last 5 minutes. Switch to the winning team using controls

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