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Name of the file: Lupin III : Castle of Cagliostro - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Walkthrough guide of Lupin III:Castle of Cagliostro for the
Playstation.Copyright 1997 by Monkey Punch TMS,NTV.

Foreword:I like to give you first a word of advice about this game being just a
simple pointand click,which means its EASY not to get lost in the game only by
clicking on something that can or cannot be inspected .So what's the purpose
may ask??Simple, its to tell players of this game of what they should do or
wondering what to do next next in case they get stuck.I strongly suggets that
you watch first the anime movie before playing this game so that you'll
know what the situation is ."Castle of Cagliostro" which stars Lupin III is now
avalaible on VHS & DVD distributed by Manga Entertainment.

D-pad=move cursor


Show the pamphlet-like map to the palace guard then go to restaurant and choose
the first text option out of 3 text options.Dine inside then choose the 3rd
text option in the food menu.Talk to the gent in blue twice and then talk to
man in green shirt who's swilling ale.

Go to the INN .Give gold coins to the old lady (when you find one) in the
item/souvenir shop and she'll give you movie photos.

Talk to the hotel clerk to get key#203 and head to room #203 upstairs.Inspect
the spade shaped shield then inspect the wallet by the lamp shade 3 times give
the wallet to the man in the green shirt in the restaurant .Once you get the
"virtual invitation" ticket from him , head to the alleyway street and find the
wooden door with 2 handles;a crimson garbed-gent will appear;give him the

Next , go to the restaurant again talk to mr baldy-in-black twice ,talk to man
in green twice,go back to the inn talk to the hotel clerk and go talk to the
palace guard.Zenigata will appear.Night falls.

Inspect the central monument that is now in ruins .Head to the restaurant and
the waitress will tell you that they're closed.Go back to the inn and talk to
the clerck to get room #202 key.

In room 201 inspect the pillow bed get the bunsen burner , go to bed, inspect
the skylight.Win against a slugfest and use the burner on the armored assassin.

Go back to the restaurant present the goat ring to the waitress and talk to
her.Talk to mr. baldy-in-black and he'll give you the "ship ticket" to be used
in the "sea port" harbor, but first talk to man in green shirt and after doing
so , head to the harbor and give the ticket to the boatman.END of DISC 1.


Lupin will converse with you, he'll give you three text options(choose the
first) and he'll give you 3 items:map,lighter,rocket and then the letter
addressed to Clarice.

Proceed toward the barred tunnel way in the aquaduct.You'll hear a musical tone
which is actually a code for the locked door.

Press the ff colored buttons in the # of times as indicated:
Green,Red(x3),Green,Red(x3),Orange(x2),Green(x2) and yellow.

Head outside but the open field is booby trapped with lasers so go back and
find a wooden ladder to climb up.Set the small red rocket and light the fuse
with your lighter.Eventually you'll come up to a large metal door that is
locked ,inspect it first and go down the stairs , find a bush adjacent to a
large metal door that is locked inspect the bush beside it and
...surprise!!GOEMON AND JIGEN APPEAR.Use the infrared goggles that Jigen gave
you once you enter inside the castle because it is booby trapped with motion

Your objective inside the castle is to find Clarice and give her the goat ring
and letter,find Fujiko then take on Jodoh(evil butler) mano-e-mano.

If you find Clarice you will be given two text options:choose the first and its
"Game Over".
however if you choose the second you can go in and talk to her.

Fujiko is somewhere on the 3rd flr.,in fact she is hiding behind the curatin in
a doorless room found inside the large dining hall with a fireplace.

Fight Gustav!
Before entering the door use the butler disguise or Zenigata outfit.Win
against Gustav.Get the palace guard outfit.Go back to the dining hall and see
if Fujiko is still there.

If you go up the stairs in the attic you'll find an armory room,inspect and
check everything you can inside and leave the room, Fujiko will appear and give
you 3 text options:

1.You dont have to fight.
2. Fight Jodoh

Before entering Jodoh's office you can
choose 3 disguises to use.

To fight or not to fight?That is the Question.

-If you use Zenigata outfit Jodoh will talk to you.
-If you use Palcae Guard outfit prepare to fight.
-If you choose Butler outfit prepare to fight as well that is if you choose
the 2nd text option out of three that Jodoh has given you.

This 3rd disc is comprised mainly of anime.Choose first option out of two
options then give Jodoh the teardrop gem.Jodoh and priest will ask you a
choose the second text option.Find a way out of the bed chamber,don't worry
you'll find it by thoroughly inspecting the place.HINT:the hidden panel is near
the blue wall with the starry night design.

Reinsert DISC 1 to tour the museum but first talk to the palace guard to let
you in by showing him the pamplet-like map.

Well that's it.I've given you some of the rather important pointers of what to
do so if you have any questions or comments feel free to e-mail me.And if there
are any corrections e-mail gamefaqs for it.Until Aunt Annie delivers the goods
, Jya Ne!!

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