Trainers City - Klonoa 2 - FAQ v1.0 - [PSX]

Name of the file: Klonoa 2 - FAQ v1.0 - Author: RIU - [PSX]

Play as Mometsuto
Successfully complete the game to unlock Mometsuto as a playable character.

Boss battle
Successfully complete the fairground levels to unlock a new area that allows you to battle previously defeated Bosses.

Picture gallery
Successfully complete the fairground levels to unlock an option for a picture gallery.

Bonus levels:
Collect all six stars in a level to get a doll. A bonus level will be unlocked after you have accumulated eight and sixteen dolls.

Music test:
Complete the either bonus level to unlock songs in the music box option.

Hurdy Durdy
First unlock the two secret stages by collecting all the dolls. Beat one to unlock the Hurdy Durdy. This will allow to listen to any of the game's music anytime. Beat the other to unlock more tracks for the Hurdy Durdy.

Klonoa Poses
While playing in a level, press L1 or R1, each letting Klonoa perform one of his tricks.

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