Trainers City - Backyard Wrestling 2 : There Goes The Neighborhood - [XBOX]

Name of the file: Backyard Wrestling 2 : There Goes The Neighborhood - Author: ANO - [XBOX]

Easy money:
In career mode, go to the pool area. Grab the skimmer as fast as possible and start to beat your opponent senseless. Never put it down and just keep smacking them. Eventually the match will be over and you will get about $40 per match on average. Repeat this process for a nice profit.

All FMV sequences:
Successfully complete career mode.

Use any wrestler in career mode:
Successfully complete career mode.

Play as Zandig:
Defeat Zandig, then buy his movie in the shop.

Junkyard mission: Block 50 cons. attacks:
Keep blocking until you see them charging a block break. Then, let them hit you and it will not restart your progress.

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