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Name of the file: N.O.V.A. : Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance [iPhone] - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Defeating the final Boss
When you start you will be in a room with a plasma cannon and an RPG. Grab them both, then tap the activation panel to enter the Boss room. After a short cinematic, you will begin the fight. Start by taking out your weapon of choice (other than the RPG or sniper) to destroy the four crystals around the room. Try to avoid the Boss' attacks, as they will do a lot of damage (especially the laser that it fires from the middle). When the crystals are destroyed, fire at the center of the Boss (where it fires the blue laser) with the RPG. When it is destroyed it will keep doing the attacks that it did when you entered the room. Destroy the four other crystals on the Boss with either the plasma cannon or RPG. When they are destroyed a cinematic will play and you will have finished the game.

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