Trainers City - Gungrave - [PSX]

Name of the file: Gungrave - Author: ANO - [PSX]

Alternate Boss endings:
Press Triangle to deliver the final hit to a Boss to view an alternate kill sequence.

Defeating Bunji Kugashira:
In the beginning of the battle, Bunji tries his Graveyard Special on you. Dodge it by diving sideways. Then, when he is near the edge, auto-face him. Keep shooting him with your Twin Guns (Ceroberos) while following him.. Get close enough to Bunji to auto-face him, but not too close that he will kick you out of his face. Both of your life will decrease the same. When your life is low, use your Demolition Shot Refill Life and keep shooting him. When he tries to refill life, follow while auto-facing him. If he outruns you, just auto-face him again and run or jog at the same time. By now if he is almost dead, use your graveyard Special when your skull is in the left corner by pressing Triangle.

Unlocking bonuses:
Play the game well and get past certain levels to unlock bonuses such as "Slow Motion".

Successfully complete the game under the Kick Ass difficulty setting to unlock all FMV sequences and action figures.

Killing enemies:
Auto-face an opponent and jump in a forward motion or dive will help kill an enemy quickly. If you do not auto-face, you can just dive for cover or get away.

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