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Unlock Mercenaries Mode Maps:
When you complete the following tasks the corresponding map in Mercenaries mode will become unlocked.

Mining The Depths:
Complete Jake's campaign.

Steel Beast:
Complete Chris' campaign

Hidden Bosses in Mercenaries Mode:
Complete the following tasks in the listed Mercenaries mode map to unlock the corresponding hidden Boss.

Napad (Urban Chaos):
Get 15 Counter kills before reaching 80 kills.

Strelat (Catacombs):
Get 20 Quick Shot kills.

Ubistvo (Rail Yard):
Get 25 Quick Shot kills before reaching 80 kills.

Gnezdo (Steel Beast):
Get 25 Coup de Grace attacks before reaching 80 kills.

Gnezdo (High Sea Fortress):
Get 40 melee kills before reaching 80 kills.

Strelat (Mining The Depths):
Kill 70 enemies before reaching 600 seconds.

Unlock Alternate Costumes in Mercenaries Mode:
When you get an 'A' rank or better in Mercenaries mode with the indicated character you will unlock the corresponding alternate costume.

Ada (White Dress):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Ada.

Chris (Samurai):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Chris.

Helena (R.P.D.):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Helena.

Jake (Puffy Jacket):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Jake.

Leon (Pirate):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Leon.

Piers (Racer):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Piers.

Sherry (School Girl):
Get an 'A' rank or better with Sherry.

Unlock Mercenaries Mode Characters:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding character in Mercenaries mode.

Ada Wong:
Complete Ada's Campaign.

Carla Radames:
Unlock ALL other characters and their costumes.

Helena Harper:
Complete the Urban Chaos map with a 'B' or higher rank.

Piers Nivans:
Complete the Steel Beast map with a 'B' or higher rank.

Secret BSAA Soldier:
Unlock ALL other characters and their costumes.

Sherry Birkin:
Complete the Mining The Depths map with a 'B' or higher rank.

Dog Tag Titles:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding title on your dog tag.

Action Junkie:
Complete 200 campaign chapters.

Complete ALL 20 campaign chapters on Amateur.

Complete 15 campaign chapters with female characters.

Any Port in a Storm:
Use chrysalids for cover for 20 minutes.

Attack 100 times with zero stamina.

Big Baby:
Crawl for 300 meters.

Bone Breaker:
Kill 100 enemies while sliding.

By Any Means:
Use an enemy's weapon 100 times.

Chuter Shooter:
Kill 100 parachuting enemies.

Combat Master:
Perform a unique physical attack 300 times.

Counter Attacker:
Perform 300 counterattacks.

Curious Fan:
Finished playing Resident Evil 5 campaign.

Dead Ringer:
Be killed 200 times.

Death Wish:
Require saving 100 times.

Decorated Agent:
Earn ALL 175 different medals in the campaign.

Earning Them Medals:
Earn 2,000 medals.

Easy Target:
Require help 300 times.

Enemy Expert:
Get 300 kills.

Enjoying the Scenery:
Walk 5,000 meters.

Perform 300 coups de grace.

Face Smasher:
Destroy 1,000 J'avo masks.

Figure Collector:
Collect ALL 78 figures.

File Collector:
Read ALL 80 files.

Fire Hazard:
Set 1,000 zombies on fire.

Getting Good Grades:
Complete ALL 20 chapters in the campaign with an S rank.

Global Player:
Play with 300 other players online.

Going Out in Style:
Be killed awesomely 50 times.

Got Some Experience:
Complete ALL 20 campaign chapters on Normal.

Hit enemies with a quick shot 1,000 times.

Hardcore Player:
Play Resident Evil 6 for 100 hours.

Headshot Master:
Make a headshot 1,000 times.

Herb Sharer:
Feed your partner 200 health tablets during the campaign.

Rescue another player 300 times.

I Got Hand:
Kill 100 enemies with Piers‘ mutated arm.

I Know What I'm Doing:
Complete ALL 20 campaign chapters on Veteran.

J'avo Juice:
Play as a J'avo 300 times.

Travel 500 kilometers with a vehicle.

Kickin' Ass & Takin' Names:
Defeat 10,000 enemies.

Last Hurrah:
Defeat 100 enemies while dying.

Left My Mark:
Tag 300 enemies with a marker.

Save other players from dying 100 times.

Like a Duck to Water:
Swim 1,000 meters.

Lone Wolf:
Complete ALL 20 campaign chapters by yourself.

Mad Dasher:
Dash for 5,000 meters.

Use an enemy's attack to kill 300 other enemies.

Medal Agent:
Earn 1,500 medals in the campaign.

Metal Muncher:
Destroy 300 helicopters or tanks.

My Skills:
Earn a total of 200,000 skill points.

Need a Pick-Me-Up:
Consume 2,000 health tablets.

Need My Meds:
Use the first aid spray 100 times.

Not an Acrobat:
Use the zip-line 300 times.

Open Season:
Kill 300 animals.

Party Time!:
Play with 3 other players X times during a story intersection.

People Eater:
Play as a zombie 300 times.

Recover on your own from dying 100 times.

Potent Pugilist:
Land a physical attack 1,000 times.

Complete all 20 campaign chapters on Professional.

Props to You:
Praise your partner 100 times during the campaign.

Relentless Attacker:
Perform 300 successful follow-up attacks.

Reload 5,000 times.

Rescue Me:
Receive help 300 times.

Resident Evil:
Default title.

Respect the Skills:
Complete all 20 campaign chapters without seeing the game over screen.

Resuscitated Agent:
Saved from dying 100 times.

Rock-Hard Buns:
Traverse 500 meters on your backside.

Rollin' with the Homies:
Play online with a friend X times.

Running My Shoes Off:
Run 100,000 meters.

Skill Collector:
Purchase 80 skills.

Slide 'n' Smash:
Destroy 300 objects while sliding.

Slip Slider:
Slide 500 times.

Stealth Killer:
Perform 300 stealth kills.

Tag Master:
300 enemies you tagged are killed by other players.

The Chemist:
Combine herbs 1,000 times.

Title Collector:
Earn 200 titles.

Use cover for a total of 100 minutes.

Weapon Expert:
Get 1,000 kills.

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