Trainers City - Backgammon Blitz [PS4] - [PS4]

Name of the file: Backgammon Blitz [PS4] - Author: ANO - [PS4]


Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation trophy rewards.

Gammon (Bronze): Win by a Gammon.
Seeing Double (Bronze): Roll a double of each number.
Pinched my Nip (Bronze): Take an opponent's nip.
Blockade (Bronze): Block all 6 of the home board points.
Like the Olden Days (Bronze): Play 5 local multiplayer games.
Learning the Ropes (Bronze): Complete all tutorials.
Up the Ante (Bronze): Re-Double the stakes of a game.
Underdog (Bronze): Win an online game against a player with a higher rank.
No Respite (Bronze): Use 3 different Power-Ups in a single game.
Full House (Silver): Use every Power-Up at least once.
Triple Winner (Silver): Win 3 online games in a row.
Backgammon (Silver): Win by a Backgammon.
Mixing It Up (Gold): Win a game on all 4 Backgammon sets.

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