Trainers City - Dropship - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Dropship - Auteur : MIK - [PSX]

At the Main Menu, select Classified Files, then enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
TEAMBUDDES Invincibility
BLASTRADIUS Unlimited Ammo
KINGSLEY Level Select
KREUZLER Bonus Level 1
SHEARER Bonus Level 2
UBERDOOPER Bonus Level 3

Easter Egg
To access the bonus hidden game first go to the uberdooper bonus mission. (The hidden tank battle mission that you get by typing UBERDOOPER in the Unclock code screen).

As the cutscene starts enter the following code (needs to be done in the first 4-5 seconds).

Hold Left Analgoue stick up, then press Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle , Square, Circle.

You can skip the cutscene with 'X'
Bonus Game Instructions
Press x to walk and triangle to shift camera

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