Trainers City - Dragonball Z : Ultimate Battle 22 - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Dragonball Z : Ultimate Battle 22 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Extra Fighters:
After the FMV intro rolls, at the title screen, press Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, L1, Right, R1. You should hear a tone and see new animation. The title screen will now read "Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 27", and you'll have five new characters to pick from.

Play as Super Saya-jin (Saiyan) X3:
To play as Super Saya-jin X3, finish the game with Gokou on any level. Then play a second game, defeating the first foe but intentionally losing to the second. Choose Gokou again to continue the game. He has been transformed into Super Saya-jin X3!

See Non Super Saiyan Trunks:
First pick trunks vs player 2, it dosent matter who you pick. Then waste all of his power and he will get tired and turn Non Super Saiyan.

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