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Nom du fichier : Naughty Bear : Panic in Paradise [PS3] - Auteur : ANO - [PS3]

There are 19 Bronze Trophies and 1 Silver Trophy.
"Mastered ALL the PANTS!" -You (Bronze) - You really love those pants of yours and all the other costumes! Bravo on mastering them all!
A lot of red ink (Bronze) - Cleared the Naughty List. Well done.
Armed to the Eyelids (Bronze) - Found, unlocked & bought all weapons.
Crossed off (Bronze) - Cleared half of the Naughty List.
Expert Bonus-objectiver (Bronze) - Completed the 3 bonus objectives of an area.
Jack of all Threads (Bronze) - Found, unlocked & bought all costumes.
Juggernaughty (Bronze) - Reached level 50.
Naughtinator (Bronze) - Reached level 25.
Naughtiness Incarnated (Bronze) - Reached Level 100. Naughty!
Naughtomitron (Bronze) - Reached Level 75.
Naughtylionnaire (Bronze) - Got a million coins
Serious case of Kleptomania (Bronze) - Ripped your first costume off a dead bear.
Shinier than ever (Bronze) - Got your first Naughty Cup!
The Naked Nakedness Award (Bronze) - Mastered your first costume or weapon.
The perfect platinums of perfectitude! (Silver) - You rock, and to celebrate your rockitude, here
There (Bronze) - A lot of Fluff went into this trophy! Mastered all nutter!
Trophabulous! (Bronze) - Got either 36 Silver, 24 Gold or 18 Platinum Naughty Cups.
Trophenomenal! (Bronze) - Got either 36 Gold or 24 Platinum Naughty Cups.
Trophreaking! (Bronze) - Got either 36 Bronze, 24 Silver, 18 Gold or 8 Platinum Naughty Cups.
We all hate Cuddles (Bronze) - Killed your first target properly and lived to tell the tale.

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