Trainers City - Downhill Domination - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Downhill Domination - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

All of these codes must be entered during gameplay and very quickly.

The following code must be entered before entering any other codes:

Unlock Code: Up, Triangle, Down, X, Left, Circle, Right, Square

Super Bounce: Left, Square, X, Up, Triangle
Anti Gravity: Down, Triangle, Square, Square, Up
Mega Flip: Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Square
Super Bunny Hop: Up, X, Left, Square, Up
Adrenaline Boost: Down, Left, Left, Right
Stoke Trick Meter: Down, Left, Left, Right, Right
Combat Upgrade: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right
Upgrade to Bottle: Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right
Energy Restore: Down, Right, Right, Left, Left
Combat Free Code: Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left
Free Money: Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square
-from togepy

Money For Being Not-First
Play arcade mode with two people/controllers. Finish the race with only one player, leaving the other player at the starting line. Until player 2 finsihes the race, the race continues.

Use the first player to hit all the opponents that have already passed the line. Player one cannot finish first, as that prevents him from moving around to hit other racers.

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