Trainers City - Dino Crisis 2 - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Dino Crisis 2 - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Extra Dinosaurs
Choose Rick, Gail and the tank in the Extra Crisis games to be able to choose from more dinosaurs in the character selection screen for Dino Duel. Choose all characters and dinosaurs for the Dino Coliseum and Dino Duel to get Triceratops and Compsagnathus.

Unlimited ammo:
Beat the game after collecting all eleven dino files. You will then get the EPS platinum. You will have unlimited ammunition the next time you play

Dino coliseum:
Beat the game to unlock the dino coliseum. There you can fight against all the dinosaurs in a coliseum arena.

Buying characters in the dino coliseum:
The following characters and dinosaurs can be bought using Extinct Points:

Rick - 100,000 pts
Gail - 100,000 pts
Tank - 120,000 pts
Oviraptor - 150,000 pts
Velociraptor - 150,000 pts
Inostrancevia - 160,000 pts
Allosaurus - 180,000 pts
Tyrannosaurus rex - 150,000 pts
Triceratops - 200,000 pts
Compsognathus - 250,000 pts

Dino Files locations:
VELOCIRAPTOR Water Tower on the floor
T-REX Military Facility/Entrance on the Table
ALLOSAURUS Dock/Suspention Bridge on the dead bloke
COMPY Reasearch Lounge
PETERANODON 3rd Energy Facility/Storage Place in the smashed truck
MOSASAURUS 3rd Energy Control Room on the Computer opposite the door on the left
PLESIOSAURUS Inside Cooling Aqueduct on the floor
INSTRANCEVIA City Front/Haul Road on the floor by the dead bloke
TRICERATOPS Command Centre/Outer Perimiter on the floor by the dead MERC
OVIRAPTOR City/Living quaters by the green jeep

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