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Name of the file: Mayhem 3D [PS3] - Author: ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Two For The Show (Bronze): Unlock issue 3, 'Date With Disaster'.
Take The Wheel, Ferris (Bronze): Unlock issue 4, 'Blue Ribbon Brawl'.
A Load Of Bull (Bronze): Unlock issue 5, 'Toro! Toro! Toro!'.
The Blender (Bronze): Unlock issue 6, 'Mixed Up Mayhem'.
Monster Mash (Bronze): Unlock issue 7, 'Unleash The Beasts'.
Dig It, Baby! (Bronze): Unlock issue 8, 'A New Level Of Mayhem'.
Put Your Foot Down (Bronze): Unlock issue 9, 'The Final Standoff'.
Tickets, Please (Bronze): Watch a saved replay in the replay theater.
Star Struck (Bronze): Collect 25 career stars.
Moving Violation (Bronze): Earn 20,000 mayhem points.
Rabid Beast (Bronze): Earn 3,000 mayhem points in a single event (excluding challenge events).
Pack Rat (Bronze): Collect 20 vehicle parts in a single event (excluding challenge events).
Speed Kills (Bronze): KO an opponent with ramming speed (excluding challenge events).
Pile Up (Bronze): Hit 4 opponents with a single ramming speed boost (excluding challenge events).
Bulldozer (Bronze): Use a stunned vehicle to push another vehicle into a pit (excluding challenge events).
Hang On By A Thread (Bronze): Climb out of elimination position after having seen the crossbones.
Excessive Acceleration (Bronze): Win an online race.
Failure To Yield (Bronze): Win an online demolition derby.
Rule The Roost (Silver): 'Rules Of The Road' - Perfect score.
Dead Man Walking (Silver): 'Dead Man At The Gorge' - Perfect score.
Grindhouse Groupie (Silver): 'Date With Disaster' - Perfect score.
Top Steer (Silver): 'Blue Ribbon Brawl' - Perfect score.
Bull Fighter (Silver): 'Toro! Toro! Toro!' - Perfect score.
Cement Mixer (Silver): 'Mixed Up Mayhem' - Perfect score.
800-Pound Gorilla (Silver): 'Unleash The Beasts' - Perfect score.
Layer Cake (Silver): 'A New Level Of Mayhem' - Perfect score.
Sharp Shooter (Silver): 'The Final Standoff' - Perfect score.
Paparazzi (Silver): Collect 100 career stars.
Reckless Abandon (Silver): Earn 100,000 mayhem points.
Tourist (Silver): Unlock every level.
Four Car Garage (Silver): Unlock every vehicle.
House Rules (Silver): Unlock all game options.
Crazy Eddie (Silver): Win an exhibition event on insane difficulty (minimum of 7 opponents).
Repeat Offender (Silver): Win 3 games in a single online session.
Hatchet Man (Silver): Win 5 games in a single online session.
Loyal Reader (Gold): Complete the career.
Teacher's Pet (Gold): Get 100% completion on the career.

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