Trainers City - Shooty Skies [iPhone] - [IPHONE]

Name of the file: Shooty Skies [iPhone] - Author: ANO - [IPHONE]

Game Cheats:

Time Cheat:
When your character has been killed you will recieve a free gift, this will only happen once every 6 hours. You can bypass the wait time by setting the time on your device ahead 6 hours. This can be done as many times as you desire to get the free gifts but remember that once you set the time of your device back to normal you will not recieve another free gift until 6 hours after the last time you set your device to.

Unlock Sir Oinks-A-Lot:
The only way that you can unlock this secret character is by making an in-app purchase. When you unlock Sir Oinks-A-Lot you will double the number of coins your earn regardless of which character you are playing as.

Unlock Sparkles:
The third of the hidden characters you unlock is Sparkles the unicorn. To get Sparkles destroy the Nylan Cat-like feline that appears on a TV set firing rainbows at you and then get killed.

Unlock Hipster Whale:
The second of the hidden characters you unlock is Hipster Whale. To unlock Hipster Whale choose the Crossy Chicken as your character and when the words 'Crossy Bones Approaching' appears on screen during a random boss battle defeat the boss and die afterwards.

Unlock Pew Pew Pew:
The first and easiest of the hidden characters to unlock is Pew Pew Pew. Using any character choose the Old West background and repeatedly press your finger on the screen of your device. Keep doing this to fire your gun until you get Pew Pew.

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