Trainers City - Destruction Derby - [PSX]

Nom du fichier : Destruction Derby - Auteur : ANO - [PSX]

Monastery Ruins bonus track:
Enter REFLECT! as a name in a Wreckin' Race-Championship. When the main menu returns change the race to Wreckin' Race-Practice. Monastery Ruins can now be selected as a course. This track is normally rewarded for finishing first in the season.

No damage:
Enter !DAMAGE! as a name.

Choose number of competitors:
Enter NPLAYERS as your name . From the main menu, go to the track select screen. After a track is selected, you will be able to choose the number of competitors.

Smoking opponents:
Enter DERBYMAN as your name.

Monkey secret:
Choose Destruction Derby-Championship and enter MONKEY as your name. Start the game and perform five 360s. A monkey will begin running around the track. Hitting the monkey is worth a large amount of points.

View Reflections staff:
Hold L1 + Left + Circle at the piracy screen.

Ridge Racer type track:
Select two player mode. Enter RIDGE as a player one name and RACER as a player two name.

Easy four points:
Hold X + Right for a few seconds at the beginning of each race.

Time cheat:
Select "Total Destruction" from the main menu. As soon as the game starts, pause and exit. If you had 0 seconds on the clock, your name will appear on the scoreboard with 566.?? seconds.

Sunset Canyon:
In Sunset Canyon, go through the cave with the ramp at the end. If you get enough air, you will go flying over the canyon wall and will be put back on the track in front of the ramp.

Aztec Ruins:
In Aztec Ruins, ride on your back near the wall where you start. You will be put back between the ramps.

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