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Stuck in Air?
If you find your Transformer stuck in mid-air due to a bad collision, you can generally initiate a transformation, and the game will "bump" your robot back into the playfield.

If you fall through the floor though (often as a vehicle), you need to restart from your last checkpoint.

Unlockable: Characters
The following characters can be unlocked for Escalation and Multiplayer by performing the actions below.
* Arcee - Beat the Autobot campaign
* Slipstream - Beat the Decepticon campaign

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.

A Prime Problem (Bronze): Complete Defend Iacon on any difficulty.
The Last Prime (Bronze): Complete Kaon Prison Break on any difficulty.
You Got the Touch (Bronze): Complete To the Core on any difficulty.
The War Within (Bronze): Complete Aerial Assault on any difficulty.
The Harder They Fall (Bronze): Complete One Shall Stand on any difficulty.
Paging Ratchet (Bronze): Revive 5 Autobot soldiers in Defend Iacon.
Beak Breaker (Bronze): Shoot the 3 Hidden Laserbeaks throughout Kaon Prison Break.
Slugfest (Bronze): Save the Slug before it is executed in To the Core.
Powerglide Performer (Bronze): Fly through the coolant tunnels in 23 seconds in Aerial Assault.
First We Crack the Shell... (Bronze): Get smashed by Trypticon's head as he falls into the energon goo in One Shall Stand.
Autobot Recruit (Bronze): Autobot Campaign Complete (Easy).
Dark Energy (Bronze): Complete Dark Energon on any difficulty.
Starscream's Brigade (Bronze): Complete Fuel of War on any difficulty.
The Fall of Iacon (Bronze): Complete Iacon Destroyed on any difficulty.
The Secret of Omega Supreme (Bronze): Complete Death of Hope on any difficulty.
Victory is Mine (Bronze): Complete The Final Guardian on any difficulty.
Your Lucky Day (Bronze): Kill all but 1 of the neutral prisoners in Dark Energon.
Thief in the Night (Bronze): Find and disable all security trip-wire switches in Fuel of War,
Chaos Bringer (Bronze): Destroy the planets in the Stellar Galleries in Iacon Destroyed.
Motormaster! (Bronze): Race across the Chasm Bridge in 33 seconds in Death of Hope.
Devastator! (Bronze): Destroy all cover in the arena in The Final Guardian.
Decepticon Grunt (Bronze): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Easy).
Brute-a-kiss! (Bronze): Ignite a Brute's back 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
Footloose and Fancy Free (Bronze): Destroy a Jet Soldier's foot thruster 5 times in Campaign or Escalation.
That's No Mirage (Bronze): Headshot a Cloaker when it is invisible in Campaign or Escalation.
Targetmaster! (Bronze): Kill 2 Snipers in 5 seconds in Campaign.
There Are Parts Everywhere (Bronze): Multi-Kill 3 car soldiers at once using an explosive weapon in Campaign or Escalation.
Blast-arachnia! (Bronze): Destroy 100 Spiders in Campaign or Escalation.
Fire in the Sky (Bronze): Melee-kill a Jet Vehicle in the air in Campaign or Escalation.
Friends to the End (Bronze): Finish any level in Co-Op.
Unlikely Allies (Bronze): Finish any level in Competitive Co-Op.
More Than Meets the Eye (Bronze): Earn a 1st Place MVP award in Multiplayer mode.
You Got Spark, Kid (Bronze): Reach level 5 in any single class in Multiplayer.
Spike's BFF (Bronze): Reach level 25 in any single class in Multiplayer.
Powermaster! (Bronze): Spend 25,000 Power in Escalation mode.
Action Master (Bronze): Get 10 kills using detached turrets in any mode.
Ramhorn (Bronze): Ram-kill against an enemy who is stunned by an EMP grenade in Campaign or Multiplayer.
Autobot Commander (Silver): Autobot Campaign Complete (Medium).
Autobot Prime (Silver): Autobot Campaign Complete (Hard).
Decepticon Seeker (Silver): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Medium).
Decepticon Warlord (Silver): Decepticon Campaign Complete (Hard).
Till All Are One (Silver): Complete both Campaigns (Any Difficulty).
The Kup's Half Full (Silver): Reach a combined class level of 50 in Multiplayer.
Only the Strong Survive (Silver): Reach a combined class level of 75 in Multiplayer.
Top of the Scrap Heap (Silver): Reach a combined class level of 100 in Multiplayer.
Prime Directive (Silver): Unlock Prime Mode.
Scavenger Would Be Proud! (Silver): Destroy all hidden Autobot symbols in the Decepticon Campaign.
Grimlock, Smash! (Silver): Destroy all hidden Decepticon symbols in the Autobot Campaign.
Wait! I Still Function! (Silver): Get 3 kills while downed in a Co-Op Campaign or Escalation mode.
Heavy Metal War (Gold): Complete the 15th wave in Escalation mode.
Vector Sigma Victory (Platinum): Unlock All Trophies.

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