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Name of the file: Alpha Protocol [PS3] - Author: ANO - [PS3]

Complete the following tasks to unlock PlayStation3 trophy rewards.
Basic Training (Bronze): Complete the Training Mission.
Desert Spear (Bronze): Assassinate Sheikh Shaheed.
Ask Questions First, Shoot Later (Bronze): Refrain from killing in cold blood.
Judge, Jury, and Executioner (Bronze): Let your gun do the talking.
Ladies' Man (Bronze): Romance all the ladies in Alpha Protocol in a single career.
No Time For Love (Bronze): Complete the game without being seduced.
Hard to Read (Bronze): Across 90 dialogue choices, you've used each stance at least 25% of the time.
Social Butterfly (Bronze): Gain Liked reputation status of 3 people (who must all Like you at the same time).
Antisocial (Bronze): Get 3 people to hate you (who must all hate you at the same time).
Ready For Anything (Bronze): Acquire the vast majority of Intel available in the game.
Pistol Mastery (Bronze): Score 100 Critical Hits with the Pistol.
SMG Havoc (Bronze): Achieve the maximum SMG Critical Hit Multiplier 7 times in your career.
Shotgun Crowd Control (Bronze): Score 100 Critical Hits with the Shotgun.
Assault Rifle Marksmanship (Bronze): Score 100 head shots with the Assault Rifle.
Black Belt (Bronze): Defeat 50 enemies with CQC.
Lurker (Bronze): You Evaded (or defeated via Takedown moves) 75 enemies.
One With The Shadows (Bronze): Complete 3 missions with less than 5 kills and with no enemies alerted to your presence.
Technophile (Bronze): Complete 5 missions wherein 6 different gadgets are used.
Building a Deadlier Mousetrap (Bronze): Have 100 placed devices detonate.
Breaking and Entering (Bronze): Pick 10 locks.
Circuit Breaker (Bronze): Bypass 20 electronic devices.
Data Theft (Bronze): Hack 10 computers.
Alpha Protocol (Silver): Complete Operation Desert Spear.
Operation Blood Feud (Silver): Complete Operation Blood Feud.
Operation Deus Vult (Silver): Complete Operation Deus Vult.
Operation True Heirs (Silver): Complete Operation True Heirs.
Evolution of an Action Hero (Silver): Complete Alpha Protocol using the Recruit background.
Thorton, Inc. (Silver): Turn all of your enemies into allies in one single career.
Full Circle (Gold): Complete Alpha Protocol.
Hardcore (Gold): Complete Alpha Protocol on Hard difficulty setting.
Platinum (Platinum): Earn All Trophies.

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