Trainers City - Tap Titans [iPhone] - [IPHONE]

Nom du fichier : Tap Titans [iPhone] - Auteur : ANO - [IPHONE]

Cheat Mode:

If you tap on your main hero's icon and then rename them to one of following codes (without the quotes) you will enable the corresponding effect. You will hear a confirmation sound to confirm correct code entry.

Snowy Weather:
Enter 'Frozen'

Fart Noises when Tapping:
Enter 'Poop'

Invisible Player:
Enter 'Ninja'

Gold Coins become Silver Coins:
Enter 'Silver'

Replace Tap Damage with 'ERROR':
Enter 'Cheater'

Replace Tap Damage with 1's and 0's:
Enter 'Robot'

Titans Except for Chesterson are Small:
Enter 'Mini'

Removes ALL Name Codes:
Enter 'Clear'

Enter 'Link'

Enter 'Zelda'

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