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Imperial Kashyyyk: Movie references
Get through the second gate and enter a room where you must fight one of the Emperor's royal guards. In the room with the Wookie on the wall to the left is what appears to be Jar-Jar Bink, frozen in Carbonite, as well as some other memorable characters from the Star Wars movies such as the eye of the creature that was in the trash compactor with Luke, and the little creature that sat next to Jabba the Hutt.

Imperial Kashyyyk: Kento's robe
This robe is unlocked after an intermission sequence. Turn around and look behind you after the intermission sequence where Starkiller has a vision in the hut. There should be a Holocrom behind a wooden object. Collect it to unlock Kento's robe.

Raxus Prime: Sith robe:
After defeating the first junk Titan you encounter, go across and from the bridge after this you must fight more of those Force-controlled robots. Once this is done, leap across a large area. Once there, to your left will be a section of steel beams. Force Push these down and you will see the Holocron that will give you the Sith robe.

Raxus Prime: Hidden X-Wing
After you have electric bombed the initial entrance to the Hyperdrive Core three times, stand facing away from the entrance and walk to the right slightly. Look into the toxic waster sludge and you will automatically target something. Raise it up with Force Grip to see that it is an X-Wing.

TIE Fighter Factory: Clone Trooper helmet
When you reach the point in the factory where the TIE Fighters attack you, there are metal beams you can bend. Bend the last one backward and make it a sort of step. Jump on the bent part and then again. Look at the roof of the hallway and jump there. There is a clone trooper helmet on the ground.

Lightning grenade
Grip an enemy, then shock them with Force Lightning. Then, Force Throw them at other enemies. The enemy will explode, killing all nearby foes with minimal Force Power consumed.

Easy Force Points
Reach a checkpoint that is just before a large group of enemies. Intentionally die during the battle. Every time you respawn at the checkpoint, your Force Point total will remain intact. Repeat the battle to build your Force Point total.

Lightsaber crystal locations
TIE Construction Yard
Yellow crystal
Damage crystal
Raxus Prime
Compressed red crystal
Gold crystal
Compressed yellow crystal
Firkrann power crystal
Unstable red crystal
Compressed gold crystal
Empirical Lab
Blue crystal
Lorrdian crystal
Cloud City
Unstable orange crystal
Ruusan power crystal
Unstable yellow crystal
Compressed blue crystal
Purple crystal
Imperial Felucia
Green crystal
Compressed purple crystal
Vexxtal crystal
Unstable blue crystal
Imperial Raxus Prime
Sigil power crystal
Compressed green crystal
Unstable purple crystal
Death Star
Unstable green crystal
Katak power crystal
Black crystal
Lightsaber moves
Block: Press L2.
Throw: Hold L2 and press Square.
Lightsaber Lock: Press X repeatedly.
Grapple moves
Grapple 1: Press Triangle + Circle.
Grapple 2: Press X + Square.
Force moves
Force Lightning: Press Triangle.
Force Push: Press Circle.
Force Grip: Press R2.
Move Gripped Object: Press Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick.
Impale Gripped Enemy: Hold R2 and press Square.
Zap Gripped Enemy: Hold R2 and press Triangle.
Force Throw: Hold R2, move object towards target, then release.
Counter Force Grip: Press Circle repeatedly.
Force Lock: Press Triangle to match onscreen command.
Force Repulse: Hold R2 and press Circle.
Force Shield: Hold R2 and press Triangle.
Force combos
Sith Shien: Press X(4).
Sith Saber Flurry: Press X, pause then press X, pause then press X, pause then press X.
Dashing Slash: Press L1, X.
Leaping Slash 1: Press Square, X.
Leaping Slash 2: Press Square, X(2).
Leaping Slash 3: Press Square, X(3).
Leaping Slash 4: Press Square, X(4).
Leaping Slam 1: Press Square, then hold X.
Leaping Slam 2: Press Square, X, then hold X.
Leaping Slam 3: Press Square, X(2), then hold X.
Leaping Slam 4: Press Square, X(3), then hold X.
Saber Blast: Press Square, Circle.
Cannonball: Press R2, Circle.
Lightning Grenade: Press R2, Triangle.
Aerial Strike: Hold R1 then press X, L1.
Saber Sling: Press Square(2), Circle.
Dashing Blast: Press L1, Circle.
Sith Strike: Press Square, Triangle.
Sith Slash: Press Square, Triangle(2).
Sith Saber Smash 1: Press Square(2), Triangle.
Sith Saber Smash 2: Press Square(2), Triangle(2).
Sith Saber Smash 3: Press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.
Sith Saber Smash 4: Press Square(3), Triangle.
Lightning Bomb: Press Triangle, R1.
Dashing Shock: Press L2, Triangle.
Saber Slam: Press Square(3), Circle.
Aerial Ambush: Press Square(3), then hold Circle.
Aerial Assault 1: Press L1(3), then hold R1 and press L1.
Aerial Assault 2: Press L1(3), then hold R1 and press L1(2).
Aerial Blast 1: Press Square(3), hold Circle, then release and press Circle again.
Aerial Blast 2: Press Square(3), hold Circle, then release and press X, Circle.
Aerial Shock 1: Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Triangle.
Aerial Shock 2: Press Square(3), then hold Circle and press Square, Triangle.

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