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Name of the file: NBA 07 [PS3] - Author: ANO - [PS3]

Bobcats alternate jersey:
Enter JKL846ETK5 as a code.

Jazz secondary road jersey:
Enter 228GG7585G as a code.

Hornets Valentine's Day jersey:
Enter EL2E3T8H58 as a code.

Nets secondary road jersey:
Enter NB79D965D as a code.

Wizards secondary road jersey:
Enter PL5285F37F as a code.

Eastern All-Stars jersey:
Enter 5F89RE2H8G as a code.

Western All-Stars jersey:
Enter 2H5E89EH8C as a code.

Recommended team:
Use the following trick in Season mode to create an undefeatable Denver Nuggets. Start a new season. Before playing your first match, do the following. Trade Marcus Camby for Yao Ming (Rockets). Trade Andr

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