Trainers City - Subnautica - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Subnautica - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Console Commands
During gameplay press F3 so a ticked checkbox labeled 'Disable Console' appears at the top left of the screen. Now press F8 to get the pointer and uncheck the box to activate the console window. Then press 'Enter' and type the following codes (without the quotes) to activate the corresponding effect. Note: If you restart the game, you must press one of the overlay keys first, such as F3 before pressing the console key.

ALL Blueprints Unlocked:
Enter 'allblueprints'

Free Useful Items:
Enter 'madloot'

Enter 'nodamage'

No Crafting or Building Costs:
Enter 'nocost'

No Radiation:
Enter 'radiation'

Spawn Cyclops:
Enter 'sub cyclops'

Spawn Seamoth:
Enter 'spawn seamoth 1'

Teleport to Safety:
Enter 'warpme'

Unlimited Oxygen:
Enter 'oxygen'

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