Trainers City - The Weaponographist - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Nom du fichier : The Weaponographist - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

When you collect the indicated number of Grimoire Pages in Survival mode under the Hardcore difficulty setting you will get the corresponding Jinx.

Chest Roulette:
180 Grimoire Pages - Chests will appear more often but may have bombs.

Combo Crusher:
15 Grimoire Pages - When you take damage your combo meter is reset.

Heart Breaker:
140 Grimoire Pages - ALL sources deal a full heart of damage.

5 Grimoire Pages - Lose health over time.

Shenanigans Forever:
60 Grimoire Pages - ALL rooms are affected by a modifier.

Stack Overflow:
35 Grimoire Pages - Pick up the same weapon you are holding to gain additional stacks of damage.

Sudden Death:
250 Grimoire Pages - Death when your combo drops to zero.

Weapon Shuffle:
100 Grimoire Pages - Each time a weapon shatters it changes to a different one.

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