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Cheat Codes:

Easy "Beyond your Range of Hearing" achievement:
Virgil will ask you for some lights when you meet him for the first time
in Chapter 3. Keep selecting him until "Beyond your Range of Hearing" is

Easy "Burned in Goo" achievement:
This requires goo (the dark water) and a laser beam. Stand in a small pool
of goo, where you cannot drown, and get hit by a laser beam. Use the broken
test room in Chapter 4. You can escape the room by finding a bridge behind
a fallen wall.

Easy "Crushed" achievement:
In Chapter 4, you will find a room where cubes are tested to see if they
can press buttons. You will be asked to pass the door that constantly opens
and closes because of those button presses. Remain in the middle of the door
when it opens and stay there until it closes.

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