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Name of the file: Square Heroes - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement Hunter Earn all other Achievements.
Ammo Drop Replenish 150% Team ammo.
Archer Kill with Cross-bow and Harpoon.
Arsonist Kill with Fire! (Flamethrower and Molotov).
Bombardier Win DM using only Explosives (3+ players).
Carry Team Win team game 4+ players with 75% or more of team score.
Devastation Score Devastation.
Die Hard Play entire round without dying (3+ players).
Dominating Score three Kill Streaks in a match.
Double Kill Score Double Kill.
First Kill Score First Kill.
Gladiator Complete 100 games.
Gnome Hunter Capture 15 Gnomes.
Gnome Stealer Capture Gnome opponent almost captured.
Good Samaritan Host an Internet game with remote players.
Hi-Tech Kill with Laser and Machine in round.
Host Hero Host 20 Internet games with remote players.
Kamikaze Kill opponent with Nuke Bag.
King Slayer King Slayer.
LAN Party Complete 5 LAN games.
Medic Re-gen 200% Team health.
Mega Kill Score Mega Kill.
Multi Kill Score Multi Kill.
Perfect Win without anyone else scoring (3+ players).
Rampage Score two Kill Streaks in a match.
Rasputin Re-gen your health twice over.
Rookie Complete Tutorial.
Sapper Kill with Proximity Mine.
Sparkling Score a Kill Streak.
Survivor Survive Survival!
Winning Win 5 games in a row.

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