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Steam Achievements

Abaddon no more! Complete the Abaddon campaign.
Archeologist Inspect more than 200 objects.
Archeologist II Inspect more than 400 objects.
Archeologist III Inspect more than 800 objects.
Banker Collect 100,000 gold coins.
Cresus Collect 500,000 gold coins.
Crystallized Kill 1 Crystal Golem.
Dark Knight Kill 50 Warriors.
Dog Whisperer Kill 20 Hell Hounds.
Elminster Cast more than 300 spells.
Find your Origins Complete the Origins campaign.
Goblin Hunter Kill 50 Goblins.
Goblins Destroyer Kill 80 Hell Goblins.
God of War Kill 100 monsters.
God of War II Kill 300 monsters.
God of War III Kill 500 monsters.
Gold Digger Collect 20000 gold coins.
Hell Gates Closed Complete the Gates of Hell Campaign.
Highlander Use a long sword more than 500 times.
Immortal Resurrect more than 10 times.
Immortal II Resurrect more than 30 times.
Immortal III Resurrect more than 50 times.
Jedi Master Use your weapons more than 5,000 times.
Jedi Master II Use your weapons more than 7,000 times.
Jedi Master III Use your weapons more than 10,000 times.
Kill Skeltor Complete the Skeltor Campaign.
Kill the Goblin King Complete the Goblin King Campaign.
Locksmith Open 200 doors.
Locksmith II Open 400 doors.
Locksmith III Open 600 doors.
Merlin Cast more than 100 spells.
Mitrilized Kill 1 Mithril Golem.
Morgan le Fay Cast more than 500 spells.
Mystra Cast more than 1000 spells.
Necromancer Kill 50 Skeletons.
No more Chaos Gods Complete the Chaos Gods Campaign.
Robin Hood Use a short bow more than 500 times.
Traps Disarmer Disarm over 20 traps.
Traps Disarmer II Disarm over 50 traps.
Traps Disarmer III Disarm over 100 traps.
Traps Jumper Jump over 30 traps.
Traps Jumper II Jump over 50 traps.
Traps Jumper III Jump over 100 traps.
Treasurer Collect 50000 gold coins.
Un-Forbidden Dungeons Complete the Forbidden Dungeons campaign.
Weakling Drink more than 100 potions.
Weakling II Drink more than 300 potions.
Weakling III Drink more than 500 potions.
Who is the Black Sheep Complete the Black Sheep quests.

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