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Easy "Battery Collector Legend" achievement:
Red batteries are rare, and also difficult to collect. Play the "Frozen" map, which features 54 red batteries of which 53 are fast to get. From the start, look around quickly and collect any power-ups you find. Focus on getting the teleporter (pink spiral) power-up. Next, move up the long spiral ramp at the center of the island. Follow the path from the top over two jumps to find a line of red batteries that can be collected. Afterwards, use the teleporter power-up, or find one. Travel back to near where you started and you will see a teleporter. There are four locations that it can take you to. Each of them will be platforms that will have four red batteries each. Some will also have lower platforms that you can fall or jump to, with more batteries. One pair of those platforms will be close to the top of the spiral ramp. Once there, look over to find yet another platform with four more batteries. You can reach it by jumping from the side, near the top of the spiral ramp. Because the teleporter destinations are random, you may end up on a platform you already cleared. If this happens, wait a moment, then use the teleporter you just came through to get to another destination. Once you collect 53 batteries, exit the level. Repeat the process as many times as needed.

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