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Tech Lt. Tyler's secret room:
Notice that ladder at the top of the Tech Room? If you can use your booster to reach it (you don't need the Charge Shot), you'll find a room with a few collectibles such as info nodes, an expansion, and a missing record. Even more awesome are the decorations like the Canadian flag and Superman figurine.

Doctor Who easter egg:
Toward the beginning of the game one of the scientist NPCs says"Where's that sonic screwdriver? "It's got to be around here somewhere..." when you speak to him, a reference to the multifunctional tool from the popular Doctor Who television show.

Toy Story easter egg:
At the start of the game one of the Council Guard NPCs will say "Watch out, I've set my laser from stun to kill!" This is a reference to when Buzz Lightyear says the same thing while in Cid's room during the first Toy Story movie.

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

1.21 Gigawatts!!! Defeat the Electro-Bot.
A Walking Armory Obtain every weapon in the game.
All about the lore! Collect 80 info nodes.
All day err day Complete the game without using a continue.
Almost only counts with horseshoes Collect all 7 grenade expansions.
Bigger, Faster, Stronger! Collect 15 health expansions.
Catch! Obtain grenades.
Chatterbox! Talk to 100 NPCs.
Clean up in Lower Decks Defeat the Slime Boss.
Crusher the Crusher Defeat the Crusher-Bot.
Down in front! Find the Grenade Launcher.
Enforce this! Defeat the Enforcer-Bot.
FULLY LOADED Collect all 40 ammo expansions.
Grew up playing these Complete the game without dying more than 10 times.
Hasta La Vista Defeat the Commando-Bot.
Hold still a sec! Defeat the Teleport-Bot.
I <3 books Find all 3 missing books.
I'm not cleaning that up Defeat 5000 terra-oozlings.
It always comes back Find the Boomerang.
It's harder than it looks Die 25 times.
Like a missile with a brain Find the Tracking gun.
Makin' Rex pancakes Get crushed.
More firepower! Collect 15 ammo expansions.
Play that funky music space boy! Find all 18 missing records.
Pumped Up! Collect all 40 health expansions.
Rad Moonmaster! Complete the game and become a hero again.
Run, Rex, Run! Find the Air-Talarias.
Someone invent this already! Obtain the jet pack.
The goggles do nothing! Die in acid.
Things to do, AI's to destroy Complete the game in less than 3 hours.
This is my ship! Defeat LAUREN.
Tl;dr Collect 40 info nodes.
Took out the space trash! Defeat the Waste-Bot.
TRYHARD Defeat a boss without taking any damage.
What the hell is an energon? Collect 5000 energons.
Where can I get one of those? Defeat the Slime-Mech.
Who put those there? Die from spikes.
Why can't we be friends Defeat 1000 helperBots.
You got mad hops Preform 200 charge jumps.
You have been terminated Defeat 5000 helperBots.
You've got something on your boot Destroy 1000 terra-oozlings.

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