Trainers City - Millennium 2 : Take Me Higher - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Nom du fichier : Millennium 2 : Take Me Higher - Cheat Codes - Auteur : ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

Baby Indy Find 1+ secret room.
Beast Mistress Tame 30+ Enemies with Jezabel.
Everybody Has To Start Complete 1 quest.
Gigantine Slaughterer Kill Gigantine.
Gorilla King Slaughterer Kill Gorilla King.
Governor of Mystrock Create Your Government List.
Gravitron v1.2 Repair Gravitron.
Great Samaritan Hard Mode Completed.
I Can Kill Too Kill 50+ enemies with Abu.
I Can Kill! Piu! Kill 1+ enemy with Piu-Piu.
Imp King Slaughterer Kill Imp King.
Indy Jones Learned From Me All secret rooms found.
Kaiserslautern Kill all animal kings.
Kid Indy Find 5+ secret rooms.
Laser Blaster Kill 50+ Enemies with Gravitron's Laser.
Lion King Slaughterer Kill Lion King.
Master of Time Finish the game in less than 9 hours in Hard Mode.
Millennium 2 Addict Spend 20+ hours on the game.
More Than a Tour Operator Complete 8+ quests for Dee.
Myst'Rockfeller Held more than 30 000 Gold.
No Spider Fear Pass Gigantine's Lair.
Ooze King Slaughterer Kill Ooze King.
Progressive Gamer Complete 6+ quests.
Queen Twin Slaughterer Kill Queen Twin.
Quest God All quests completed.
Scorpion King Slaughterer Kill Scorpion King.
Sherlock Learned From Me Complete the game fully.
Slaughter King Kill 200+ Enemies with Abu.
The Examiner 50+ items found.
The First Step Play 1+ hour.
Trickier than Him Kill Trickster King.
Zombie King Slaughterer Kill Zombie King.

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