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Steam Achievements

Achievement How to unlock

King Fisher Pull It OUT!
Koi Jam Stop The Pop... With A FIsh
Pro Puzzler All Puzzles Complete!
Puzzle 1 Complete Zen Garden
Puzzle 10 Complete Nara Temple Gates
Puzzle 11 Complete Koen
Puzzle 12 Complete Cherry Blossom Over Water
Puzzle 13 Complete Temple Lanterns
Puzzle 14 Complete Butsudan
Puzzle 15 Complete Hiroshima Castle Gatehouse
Puzzle 16 Complete Akai Hashi
Puzzle 17 Complete Gardens of Nijo Palace
Puzzle 18 Complete Himeji Castle Gatehouse
Puzzle 19 Complete Tsukubai
Puzzle 2 Complete Komainu No Osaka
Puzzle 3 Complete Red Temple Of Nara
Puzzle 4 Complete Himeji Castle
Puzzle 5 Complete Urabandai Lakes
Puzzle 6 Complete Torii
Puzzle 7 Complete Osaka Castle
Puzzle 8 Complete Komainu No Enryakuji
Puzzle 9 Complete Iwakuni Bridge
The All Knowing One Enlightenment Attained
The Disciple On The Road To Enlightenment
The Scholar Consciousness Raised
The Student A Mind In Training

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