Trainers City - FRACT OSC - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: FRACT OSC - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Things to Achieve [Steam]:
Alternate Route 00FFDD - Fly over the dig.
Alternate Route 4FFF00 - Fly through the wreckage.
Alternate Route FF0084 - Fly behind the mountain.
CLU hunter - Modulation memory.
Dropping the beat - A potent kit indeed.
Heading in for winter - A crystal den.
Leap of faith - A brave basin drop.
Leave no stone unturned - All the choir is here.
Linear Slope - A forgotten dig site.
Master control voltage - Power User.
Melodic Memory - Remember my song.
No turning back now - A dome from the past.
Patch point - A high mountain vault.
Pulling a Shaw - A crystal crevasse.
Sharing is caring - A series of tubes.
Synthesis - Commited to a wave.
The drop - A vital dam plunge.
The ending has not been written - More choices ahead.
Tunnel vision - A telling dead end.

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