Trainers City - Strata - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Strata - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

100 Perfects - Complete 100 Perfect Puzzles.
200 Perfects - Complete 200 Perfect Puzzles.
Complete Tutorial - Complete the Tutorial.
Entwine Set Completed - Complete the Entwine Set.
Entwine Set Perfected - Perfect the entire Entwine Set.
Fifty Perfects - Complete 50 Perfect Puzzles.
First 3x3 Completed - Complete a 3x3 puzzle.
First 3x3 Perfected - Perfect a 3x3 puzzle.
First 4x4 Completed - Complete a 4x4 puzzle.
First 4x4 Perfected - Perfect a 4x4 puzzle.
First 5x5 Completed - Complete a 5x5 puzzle.
First 5x5 Perfected - Perfect a 5x5 puzzle.
First 6x6 Completed - Complete a 6x6 puzzle.
First 6x6 Perfected - Perfect a 6x6 puzzle.
First Perfect - Complete your first Perfect Puzzles.
Flourish Set Completed - Complete the Flourish Set.
Flourish Set Perfected - Perfect the entire Flourish Set.
Persist Set Completed - Complete the Persist Set.
Persist Set Perfected - Perfect the entire Persist Set.
Prodigy Set Completed - Complete the Prodigy Set.
Prodigy Set Perfected - Perfect the entire Prodigy Set.
Sundry Set Completed - Complete the Sundry Set.
Sundry Set Perfected - Perfect the entire Sundry Set.
Ten Perfect - Complete 10 Perfect Puzzles.

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