Trainers City - Max : The Curse of Brotherhood - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Max : The Curse of Brotherhood - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

Amulet Hunter - You found and assembled 12 pieces of the lost Amulet.
Clever Boy - One Sea of Sand, 2 Earth Pillars, 3 drawings - piece of cake.
Deadshot - It's all in the fingers and fiery balls of death.
Eye Bye Bye - You destroyed 50 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes. His control is diminishing.
Flipping boxes - Up you go.
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Time Marches On.
Hold on Tight - You tamed the Spikester!
Hot Potato - What goes around, comes around. Right in your face.
Immune to Lava - You didn't die in Death By Lava.
Just getting started - You used the magic marker 25 times.
Kingdom of the Blind - No Evil is safe from you and your Grabby Hands.
Lost and Found - You found the first piece of the lost Amulet.
Ludicrous Speed - And just in time for tea!
Master of Branches - You drew 200 branches.
Master of Vines - You drew 200 vines.
Master of Water - You drew 200 water streams.
No Peeking! - You destroyed 25 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes. Consider his surveillance network impaired.
No Stranger to Danger - You defeated Mustacho without dying even once.
Perfect Sliding - You escaped the Beast without dying.
Some Assembly Required - You found and assembled 6 pieces of the lost Amulet.
Tree of Life - You found and assembled the entire Amulet for the Old Lady.
Trust me - You stole back your kid brother like a boss.
What are You Looking At? - You destroyed 5 of Mustacho's Evil Eyes. That'll teach him.
What's That Smell? - You lit 15 enemies on fire. Oh the things One does for brotherly love.
You completed a level without dying. - Can't Touch This.
You made 5 Critters explode and survived it. - Guts and Glory.
Your Brother's Keeper - You defeated Mustacho and saved your brother!

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