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Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

10th Dan! - Sure is lonely the top.. 10,000 Qi.
2nd Dan - On the path to greatness! 2,000 Qi.
3rd Dan - The holy triumvirate! 3,000 Qi and counting!
4th Dan - Four to the floor gonna get me summore? 4,000qi.
5th Dan - Your name is not Dan, nor are you 5. Congrats! 5,000 Qi.
6th Dan! - Time sure does fly. 6,000 Qi
7th Dan! - Lucky number 7. 7,000 Qi.
8th Dan! - Follow the eightfold path. 8,000 Qi.
9th Dan! - You must be on cloud 9. 9,000 Qi!
Black Belt - The real deal starts now.
Blue Belt - It only gets harder from here.
Brown Belt - Whoooah we're half way the-ere!
Custom Belt! - You just play and play and you cannot stop! You are a legend!
Elite Belt! - No one can come close to your skill!
God Belt! - You have achieved ultimate glory!
Green Belt - Al Gore would be proud.
Master Belt! - For only the masters of the game.
Orange Belt - You are on your way!
White Belt - A long road lies ahead of you young one.
Yellow Belt - And so the journey begins!

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