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Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

100% death proof - Win a 4 player online game with 4 survivors.
Appointment with Death - Lose an online game having all players dead at the same time.
Audiophage - Pick 200 tapes.
Audiophile - Pick 100 tapes.
Children of the Night - Unlock all characters.
Clock Tower - Win a game in less than 6 minutes on Normal or higher difficulty.
Fear no evil - Win an online game with 4 players.
Hello? - Finish an online game.
I'll be right back! - Finish 5 online games.
Killer is Dead - Win a game.
Murder is Easy - Lose the game having found 7 tapes.
Never Explain Anything - Walk a total of 42,195 meters.
No tears, please - Win an online game without picking any tape.
Resist the Beast - Win a game on nightmare difficulty.
Self-torture - Win a game without running.
Sixth Sense - Finish an online game with 4 women characters.
Spiders Are Scary - You tried to pause while being frightened.
The Charm of Horror - Win a 4 player online game with each player picking 2 tapes.
Urban Legend - Win an online game being the only player alive.
Who you gonna call? - Win a 4 player online game with the default characters.
Who's there! - Finish 10 online games.
You may not survive - Finish 20 online games.

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