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Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

Back in Black - Win the same tournament twice.
Blizzard Beast - Win a race on Void XIII on your debut.
Blood of My Enemies - 1000 kills.
Breaking the Law - Win 3 races in a row.
Bullet Ride - Win Navius Prime Championship on Marauder truck. You must drive Marauder on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Chaos B.C. - Win Angkor Championship on Lynx sportscar. You must drive Lynx on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Childslayer - Win a race on Navius Prime on Hound or Wolverine sportscar.
Crash & Burn - Explode while flying.
Damage Done - Kill somebody while using Double Damage power-up.
Dark Avenger - Kill all of your opponents in the race at least once.
Dead Men Tell No Tales - 500 kills.
Demon Speeder - Use Nitro Boost 500 times.
Die for Metal - Collect $200 000.
Electric Funeral - 50 respawns.
Erase & Rewind - 25 restarts of the race.
Fast as a Shark - Win a race with a gap of less than 1 second from the runner-up.
Ghost in the Ruins - Fail a Division 3 times.
God of Thunder - Win all of the races in a division.
Golden God - Win all of the championships: Gold on all of the planets.
Grinderman - Win the same tournament three times.
Hail and Kill - Win 50 races.
Harvester of Sorrow - Collect 50 Ammo Clips on a track.
Hiking Metal Punks Forever - Earn 1000 points.
Honey, What You Do for Money? - Collect $10000 in Money Pickups.
Iron Butterfly - Buy an Antigrav.
Iron Fist - Win a tournament.
Its a Long Way to the Top - Get a promotion to Division A.
Jesus Built My Hotrod - Win a race.
Kill with Power - 100 kills.
King of Kings - Become a champion on Trantorus.
Kiss of Death - Get killed 100 times.
Leather Rebel - Pick up Speed Boost 100 times.
Machinehead - Maximum upgrade of all vehicles.
Massa Effect - Finish second 50 times.
Mega Therion - Win 10 races in a row.
Mighty Ravendark - Win 10 races.
Minejumper - Get killed by a mine 20 times.
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight? - Put 100 mines on track.
Motorbreath - Earn 500 points.
Paint It Black - Repaint your car.
Poland Can into Space - Fly out of the track 100 times.
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Use oil 100 times.
Self-Medication - Collect Repair Bonus power-up 50 times.
Space is Deep - Unlock all championships.
Strutter - Perform 10 Triple Kills.
The Great Destroyer - Win a race with a gap of at lest 15 seconds from the runner-up.
True Metal of Steel - Win Trantorus Championship on Viper or Razor antigrav. You must drive Viper or Razor on all of the tracks in this tournament.
Warlord of the Road - Buy all of the vehicles.
Warm Machine - Earn 100 points.
Wheels of Fire - Maximum upgrade of any vehicle.

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