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Steam Achievements

Achievement - How to unlock

A Secret from the Past - Complete the Second Episode.
Alchemist - Become an expert developer.
Art Restoration - Reveal the picture beneath.
Better Served Silent - End the poor bird's suffering.
Dont Leave me Hanging - Complete the First Episode.
Explorer of the Occult - Discover your first secret.
Full Deck - Uncover all five tarot cards.
Master of the Occult - Discover all secrets in the game.
Merciful - Ease the pain of a dying man.
The Angels Protect this House - Fail to escape your destiny.
The Departed - Find something left behind.
The Other Story - Complete all minisodes.
The Short Path - Navigate through the fog like a pro.
The Truth Behind the Curtain - Complete the Third Episode.
The Veil - Complete the Fourth Episode.
The Whole Story - Read all letters, notes and diaries in the game.

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