Trainers City - Perpetuum - Cheat Codes - [PC]

Name of the file: Perpetuum - Cheat Codes - Author: ANO - [PC]

Achievement - How to unlock

Beyond expectations - Complete 1000 assignments.
Brawler - Get 10 PvP kills.
Buddy up - Add a friend.
Cog in the machine - Join a corporation.
Death incarnate - Get 1000 PvP kills.
Employee of the month - Complete 100 assignments.
First blood - Kill a player.
Frontier citizen - Enter a terminal on a Gamma island.
Hmm, upgrades - Upgrade an extension.
I know kung fu - Install a new extension.
I'm doing my part! - Kill an NPC.
It doesn't even hurt anymore - Get killed by other players 100 times.
It's covered, right? - Lose an insured robot.
Keep the change, you filthy animal! - Send 1 NIC to a developer.
Major mechgrinder - Kill 1000 NPCs.
Master assassin - Get 100 PvP kills.
Maxed out - Reach level 10 with an extension.
Met the locals - Get killed by an NPC.
Murder in paradise - Kill another player on an Alpha island.
Read the fine print - Insure a robot.
Reliable associate - Complete 10 assignments.
Reporting for duty - Complete an assignment.
Ride the lightning - Use a teleport.
Risk taker - Enter a terminal on a Beta island.
Robo-shredder - Kill 100 NPCs.
Spark of change - Install a new spark.
The start of something great - Create your own corporation.
This calls for revenge - Get killed by another player.
This means war - Get killed by other players 10 times.
This world is spinning around me - Spin the robot 1000 times.
Travelling without moving - Use a spark teleport.
Whac-A-Drone - Kill 10 NPCs.
Wolfpack - Join a squad.
Working class hero - Kill another player with an industrial robot.

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